Hackettstown in NBC program "Debris"

Hi. I don't really post, but I thought someone might be interested to hear that Hackettstown was mentioned in the NBC program "Debris" most recent episode (#5).
I thought it was pretty cool.
If you've not seen the show, the storyline is "Two agents from two different continents, and two different mindsets, must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind."

I saw it and thought it was kind of odd. They referred to Hackettstown as a "city" and the scene shows a NJ Transit bus, the type seen in cities closer to NYC, that disappeared into a worm hole on Beatty Street. I don't think it was actually filmed here. One building looked similar to the Municipal Bldg., which is on Stiger Street not Beatty. Makes you curious as to how they just randomly picked Hackettstown. Maybe someone had a bag of M&M's and was it on the bag.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
April 4th

Re: Hackettstown in NBC program

The Great Meadows train stain on Cemetery Road as seen at the end of the film in the 1972 Brian De Palma directed movie Sisters starring the late Margot Kidder .

April 4th

97X... That's a Canadian Flag. ??

The episode is on Peacock if you have access: https://www.peacocktv.com/watch/playback/vod/GMO_00000000379373_01/0cde5192-6a5b-3842-883a-569bc0f9edc7

Opening scene is the bus "driving through hackettstown" (just looks like a city).
They specifically mention Hackettstown about 5 minutes in.
At about 7 min they show another scene from "Hackettstown".
At about 23:30 they zoom into "Beatty Steet, New Jersey" on map (but it closer to central jersey and doesn't look like town at all)

Pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

Re: Hackettstown in NBC program


The ending scene is supposed to be at a train station in Canada with a private detective following the sofa which he believes contains a dead body . A local farmer along with his tractor and cow got into the shot , I want to say his last name is Bergsma , but after almost 50 years I'm not sure . Also the white boxes/wood crates/onion bags stacked in the shot are from a local vegetable farmer from the area .


April 4th

I saw that episode as well. Looked it up and it was actually filmed in the Vancover area. But pretty cool to have a shout out.

Doreen Doreen
April 5th

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Re: Hackettstown in NBC program "Debris"
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