Comcast cable/internet down 3/2021

Just checking if anyone else has experienced cable/ internet down 2 nights this week, Mon & Wed for a few hours.

Puden15 Puden15
Mar '21

I experienced these outages here in Independence.

Not internet but cable TV was down last night for a while..

joyful joyful
Mar '21

My nest cams last lost internet on March 23 at 1:01am.

Sacks cousin
Mar '21

Thank you, all! I'm in Independence as well, BC.

Puden15 Puden15
Mar '21

I'm in Mansfield and mine was down from at least 1:30am until 7:45am Weds morning. I think there was overnight work in the area for a day or two according to the automated I heard when paying my bill. Mine never came back by itself, I had to manually reset everything. So far so good since.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
Mar '21

Wendy works online throughout that day and experienced nothing. I noticed it while playing my PS4 during the evening hours. Maybe we need to pay more?

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
Mar '21

Had an internet outage some time Tuesday morning in Long Valley

Mine was down for about an hour on Sunday night and I woke up to a speed increase on Monday. Now 400mbs.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Mar '21


I got the same, but mine was down for longer and it was annoying since it happened when I was about to pay some bills.

Phil D. Phil D.
Mar '21

Bumping this thread back up. Has anyone been experiencing intermittent interruptions to their COMCAST service recently? I live in Independence and have been experiencing intermittent interruptions to my COMCAST Internet service over the past month. It occurred twice again this morning. Service is out for approximately (3-4) minutes before being restored. COMCAST tech support says to reset modem/ router however that’s been of no help. It appears the problem is in the COMCAST server, possibly too much congestion. Once server is reset the problem clears. Any thoughts?

I have been noticing the same thing. It’s spotty at times and drops on and off. I have all brand new top of the line equipment so it’s not that.

me to, have noticed freeze up and drop out . has been going on for 3 months.

yes I have noticed this also. For the money we pay there should never be any problems. Also my internet comes and goes.

Same here… I live in kenwood village and it definitely has been wonky

H-town Mama H-town Mama
5 days ago

I too in Independence have been experiencing issues with both internet, TV and telephone. My TV often times pixelates and/or freezes. My internet also freezes for several minutes. I would question my equipment if it was just one, but it is all three at the same time. I have even been on the phone talking when the connection is lost. I have contacted Comcast and was told they really can't check when it's working properly. It must be checked while it's down. It's never been down long enough to wait a week for an appointment. It's very frustrating.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
3 days ago

Comcast does not care...They are the only game in town so we are stuck...Expensive, outrageous and we can't do anything about it. They keep raising the prices and we just have to live with it...This is a very very frustrated customer...

City Chick City Chick
3 days ago

Parental unit

Get the comcast xfinity app for your smartphone

You can report it via the app

The app will tell you if they are doing maintenace, upgrades or if you have a real issue

Its all automated...even scheduling a service call

Thank you Bug3. I will definitely do that.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
2 days ago

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