Hackettstown Schools Going full days April 12

Subject says it all. District is eyeing a return to full day in person for April 12. More details to come. You heard it here first.

OliverQueen OliverQueen
4 weeks ago

Good for the students and all involved.

However WRNJ scooped you as it was discussed at a few of the news breaks today. LOL

I knew about this a few weeks ago when they sent the survey out

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
4 weeks ago

What survey? I do not recall that in my myriad of robo calls each day.

So the kids go back and the calls will stop? Because now we get like 3 a day about positive cases.

They’re still giving the option to keep a student fully virtual as well.

ImOnSaxton ImOnSaxton
4 weeks ago

Yep my kid is staying remote. Partially due to other activities and the hope to keep their bubble secure.

They emailed a survey about a month ago and it’s been posted on the HS website with a video to go along with it from the principal. Said the results of the survey may impact the status of the lower grades with regard to full time school days etc...

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
4 weeks ago

I wonder if the kids will have a virtual option next year 2021-2022 or will that go away. Many kids.are doing better virtually and liking it too.

Meanwhile, "Warren County district shuts down high school (Warren Hills), activities over COVID cases"

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

I'm happy for my daughter and believe it or not, she is glad to be going back. She's a good student but like a lot of kids, slacked off this year. She's open and honest about it and to be honest, I would have slacked off too. On-line education is more difficult than in person. Some might say it's not but I see it with other kids I know too.

These kids are losing a lot of education that they would have had and the teachers are fit to be tied with how much they can teach and interact with their students.

3 weeks ago


Each school and school district are doing what works best for them. Just because it's bad in one place doesn't mean it's just as bad every where else. Obviously, our schools are in a better position at this point and that's what they based their decision on, You still have the option of keeping your child home if you are seriously concerned. They are not forcing any student to do what they don't want.

As parents, we each have to figure out what is best for our own child.
I respect every parent's opinion whether I agree with them our not,

3 weeks ago

So we have neighboring schools with opposing situations. One reopening and one gets shut down. Interesting.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
3 weeks ago

we all want our kids back... we all want our kids alive... Covid is still a big deal... the ease in restrictions just means the hospitals have capacity for you in intensive care. NJ is leading the country in new cases right now... maybe limited rather than full throttle?

freedom25 freedom25
3 weeks ago

Its about time, kids between 0 - 19 have a .00003 % chance of a fatality, which is statistically zero. Between the lack of learning, suicides and overdoses this whole event has been nothing but devastating to children.

Yes, the chance of a child fatality is much lower than that of adults, but they can be carriers to the adults in the buildings with them all day. Or pick it up from school and take it home to parents.....

Htown Resident Htown Resident
3 weeks ago

The adults working in the building are being vaccinated if they haven't already.

2 weeks ago

A shoprite cashier see's more traffic a day than a teacher, and there not aloud to do a virtual checkout... This process has been insane. Thank god the kid's can get there education back. "Some kids like it and do better with virtual learning". Wow really?, of course alot of kids will say this. As parents, put yourself in there shoes, would you take advantage during the breaks between classes? Would you have walked away from your virtual learning during class? Hell yeah. Ide say atleast 90% of parents aren't hovering over there kids during there virtual learning. And 90% of those kids are veering off from some/or alot of what there supposed to be learning. It's a 100% political disaster at this point. Ask your doctor how many flu patients they've seen this year. Zero. Mysteriously vanished.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
2 weeks ago

Forced you were close to a good point with the shoprite cashier comment. The frontline workers who were so essential in the beginning should have received the vaccine first along with teachers. Many of those grocery stores are just starting to even care about getting their employees vaccinated.

Wait.... you aren't that stupid right?

The flu is nonexistent this year because there is a limit of social gatherings, everyone is hyper aware of hand washing, masks are being worn and distance is kept between people.

Also because of COVID concerns, no one is out walking around coughing and snotting all over spread flu germs as they normally are.

Parents aren't able to send their sick kids into school anymore either.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST! You don't know how many times a day I hear this. You are exactly correct. We didn't have a bad flu season this year because of the social distancing, washing hands, masks, etc.

I'm so glad you said this!!

stillfluduh stillfluduh
2 weeks ago

So wait Hackettstown going back full on and Roxbury going all remote after Easter. Hmmm makes you wonder doesn’t it?

I think remote after Easter is a good idea. People are going to travel. Not everyone is vaccinated or wants to be and the variants here are surging.

For reals For reals
2 weeks ago

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