Hackettstown 2021 Spring Cleanup

Does anyone know when the Town will have their cleanup. I’ve searched the website, but nothing yet for 2021 that I have seen.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
March 16th


It's under Departments, then click on Public Works. Not easy to find. April 16, 17 for 2021.

hktownie hktownie
March 17th

Thank you Jim L!

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
3 weeks ago

Does anyone know how to get rid of a full sized box spring?

Res2 - If you don't want to take it to the Oxford dump yourself, call Sanico/LMR/Waste Management whoever your hauler is. They will take it for an additional fee.

Thank you GC!

Thanks!, looking forward to the shredding event too. I finally added it to the calendar with a reminder so I don't forget, like I do every year, lol. .

What exactly is accepted at Spring Clean Up?

3 weeks ago

Check the link Jim L. posted. It details what is and is not accepted.

Can you bring outdoor furniture to the spring clean up?

Yes you can, Kim.

The list isn't very specific. . .so any kind of furniture, broken toys, old bikes, etc is accepted?

2 weeks ago

Springcleaner- Yes, all of those types of things are accepted. Most any household item is accepted.

just about anything other than Construction debris is accepted.

If it's not listed under the "Items not allowed" then its allowed.

It's really a great service we have in town. A resident simply pulls up and our DPW crew swarms and empties your vehicle for you. All with a smile!

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