2021 Hackettstown Life Forum Bracketology

It's that time again, kids... everyone who was in the group last time the Tournament was held (2019) should have received an email invite. For potential newcomers, read on:

I've started a group in Yahoo for fans of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament to compete against one another. The tournament begins Thursday, March 18th and all brackets must be filled out before tip-off of the first game (the "play-in" games Tuesday/Wednesday night do not count).

The scoring by round is as follows:

Round 1 - 1 point per correct pick
Round 2 - 2 points
Round 3 - 4 points (Sweet 16)
Round 4 - 8 points (Elite 8)
Round 5 - 16 points (Final Four)
Round 6 - 32 points (Championship game)

In addition, for THE FIRST ROUND ONLY, there are seed difference bonus points awarded for correctly picked upsets. For instance, if you correctly choose a 12-seed to defeat a 5-seed, in addition to the 1 point for correctly picking the winner, you will also get 7 bonus points for the difference in the seedings (12-5=7).

If you would like to participate and have a Yahoo ID (PM me if you don't have one and can't figure out how to get one), follow this link:


Password - forum

The brackets were chosen yesterday, so you may fill them out now, if you choose. Only one bracket per person and please use your HLF handle as your bracket name so that everyone knows who you are. Thanks and good luck to everyone who chooses to participate.

ianimal ianimal
March 15th

Correction... the play-in games are on Thursday this year and the Tourney doesn't officially begin until noon on Friday. You have until then to submit your brackets.

ianimal ianimal
March 15th

Last chance... brackets lock at noon.

First BIG upset (Bracket Dent) :>(

Ohio State (2) knocked out by Oral Roberts (15)

aol123@aol.com aol123@aol.com
4 weeks ago

Enjoying all the bracket busters (North Texas Mean Green just got one) ...glad I didn't do a "sheet of integrity" (a Mike Golic term) ... no pressure as the over rated teams go down. Fun to just relax and enjoy the madness :-D

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
4 weeks ago

Rutgers should not be scared of anybody in the remaining field ... if Villanova could pull it off back in 85, the Scarlet can certainly do it this year and bring a long overdue title to the banks of the old Rar-i-tan.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
4 weeks ago

Congrats NJ Deb. Only person with different final eligible winner is Len and if Baylor won, he would only have 110 pts.

That Zaga vs. UCLA game was a great one ... thought both teams played really smart and really well, a great game to watch. Taking a charge was a big turning point in the game! Looking back, perhaps my favorite Final Four game of all time was the Villanova win over Georgetown in 1985 ... pre shot-clock, Nova really dictated the tempo and pulled off the win by working for the high percentage shots ... and making them.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
1 week ago

Let's Go BAYLOR! Sic EM Bears

1 week ago

It was a very unconventional tournament due to Covid. I thought for sure the Zags were finally going to win it all.

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