Excited to see the upcoming new Atari VCS on NJ 12 News!


Still pumping Atari stock?

Does it have pong?

iJay - the stock will take care of itself.

The first Atari hotel is about to break ground in Las Vegas as we speak- associated with Steve Wozniak and designed by Gensler- the world's top architecture firm.

I used to have an old 20 dollar bought on ebay CD rom with 60 old 80s games on it - 80s Arcade I think it was called . Bought a 15 dollar Logitech usb controller and had loads of fun with it . Could never get it to work with a version of windows past XP no matter what version of MAME software I downloaded . I would have kept that disc and computer if I knew people would someday be paying 400 bucks for something like it . Most games worked fine , but some were pretty buggy . Phoenix , Centipede , Galaxian , Galaga , Airwolf , and the version of Space Invaders where the UFOs beamed up cows were my favorites .

March 7th

It is way beyond just an emulator.

This just popped up on the news as well- https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-08/atari-partners-with-crypto-gaming-operation-to-launch-casino

This thing is pretty much a joke. It's trying to silve a problem/create a (very) niche market that doesn't exist. What little this VCS can do is easily done by something like a rasberri pi for stupid cheap. Theres no reason to get this thing in a world where the other major console producers exist and give you a actual unique product and game support.

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
March 15th

It does way more than a pi.

But I'm not here to argue with you. Time will tell how it does.

Just like cars, houses, clothes, food, music, movies... everybody likes different stuff.

LOL, yes a pet rock. This being said I LOVED my original Atari but that was more or less 40 years ago. Anything can happen, I would probably buy an EV Model T to put around with if they every built them again for low speed use...

IJay... just want to point out- the day I made this post the stock was .45 and this afternoon hit .71

The future is bright. Globally. Did you see the new announcement since last week about the expansion of the Atari Hotels?

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Re: Excited to see the upcoming new Atari VCS on NJ 12 News!
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