car vinyl top replacement?

a vinyl top on my car is all cracked and badly peeling along the whole roof's surface. exposed roof is already rusty.
How much do you think it'll cost to have someone to replace the old vinyl with new, including rust sanding/removal? full roof. 75 Olds Cuttlas

can spray paint will do the trick

contacting a place that does this service will give you the answer


No- a can if spray paint is not a fix.

That being said- do you have an emotional attachment to the car?

A proper tear off, rust repair (who knows what you will find)...and quality replacement top will more than likely be beyond what you will find reasonable given the total value of said vehicle.

Especially if the rest of the car isn't in fantastic shape.

You, guys, are very discouraging, except one with the spray can!!!! I understand that vinyl removal will reveal more surprises. Fridays should be ENCOURAGING, right?

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Re: car vinyl top replacement?
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