Mansfield Village - Missing Black Cat


Missing black cat, small to petite, short/medium fur, from Mansfield Village, yesterday morning, Feb. 22, 2021.

Around the area of Bldg. 56 and Bldg. 60, possibly has traveled past these buildings.

Please call this number ASAP if spotted:

(609) 480-4448.

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
6 days ago

Did you find them? And did the cat just get out or do they normally go outside?

The cat is an indoor cat. It ran out.

I'm posting this for the neighbor.

I'd appreciate anyone in Mansfield Village to keep an eye out for the black cat, and call the above phone number.

Thank you!

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
5 days ago

I live up near building 63, the parking lot here is littered with strays. Some of the neighbors often feed them and they all hang around. I have seen black and grey cats

vigilantNeighbor vigilantNeighbor
5 days ago

If there's a lot of strays and if they're territorial with cats that they don't know then they might scare the missing kitty further away. Tell the owner to search nearby areas like woods or places it can hide easily (although the warmer weather might have it wondering as well) and bring a bag/can of food or container of treats. My cat comes running every time he hears it. Id recommend searching during a quiet time of day or night so you can listen for meows.

Thank you viligantNeighbor for the tip!! and Sleepy!

Unbelievably, i wasn't told by the guy cat- sitting the cat (i just placed this Notice for the neighbor who was on vacation, who didn't even know that her cat was missing

The owner's daughter found the cat inside the pull-out bed/couch from underneath, where he apparently hid and you couldn't find him by looking just under the couch on the floor.

so the black cat is found!! Thank you for all your suggestions and help.

Let's hope to anyone who has an indoor pet that it never escapes their home!!

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
4 days ago

Great to hear! To anyone with an indoor cat afraid of them getting lost outside one day I highly recommend buying a harness and walking your kitty around your property. It sounds silly but a friend of mine did this with her indoor cat. Someone let her out one day and we came home that night to find her waiting in the driveway.

Figured I'd hop on here and remind everyone that my small tan/gray female tabby is still MISSING since November 2, 2018! I'm still mourning for her but yet hopeful she will turn up.

AM: Post a photo of your missing kitty.

what area do you live in?

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
4 hours ago

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