Interior Door Replacement

Could not find anything in the existing threads. Looking to replace multiple interior doors including one with a fire rating. Not looking to go through Lowe's or Home Depot. Not looking for a handy man, either. Any suggestions on a showroom-type establishment which sells and installs interior doors?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Door-a the Explorer Door-a the Explorer
Feb '21

There are scores of companies with showrooms that do this. Naturally there are hundreds of qualified contractor's that can conduct the work as well. However If you want a showroom to work through with installation I gather you want either custom work or don't mind a premium price.

I have used these folks as just an example.

You may try Mango here in town. I'm not sure what they have as far as a showroom though.

Good luck.

How about blue ridge lumber? I just used them for some trim. Ordered over the phone and they delivered. The trim came in perfect condition the next day. O wait never mind. You want someone to install them. Well maybe they can make suggestions.

Sacks cousin
Feb '21

castle windows - if you want to wait a couple of months.
Almost any General Contractor will do this task well.

Are you looking for a special door or just some lauan builder type doors. Are they all gonna match or want some differentiation? Cuz I have some some doozies over the years. My favorite is the fake pocket special, but french, sidelights, transoms, six panel, all good.

I have used Home Depot but for bigger jobs I order off-book and just use their discount power to get a better price. IOW --- often they carry a mfg's entire line, but only offer basic in the store. Working with the mfg I can get close to custom but at a home depot price. Often they slide a discount in on top. Guess it makes their day more interesting too.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Feb '21

Question: Why would you not want an experienced handyman? Many are looking for work. They are usually more experienced and less costly because the middleman has been eliminated. If needing a reference I can provide two that I highly both recommend and they are in the local area. Bigger is not always better for smaller projects.

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