Weather apps

Hi to all.
What is a good recommendation
for a weather app. What do you use..
Thanks. God Bless

Not an app but I use the website and follow many weather experts on Twitter, best one being @nynjpaweather. Steve Dimartino.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

AccuWeather app had been very accurate for us.

Weather Underground

NOAA Weather Free Edition

WeatherBug and Weatherunderground

I used to use NOAA Free but what they give you has decreased over the last year. The useful part is almost down to use the radar.

Switched to WeatherBug and been very happy. There are ads embedded in the screens but not that intrusive. I'm a big user of the radar map and wish I could make that my default. But the "now" summary is really good and much better than NOAA even for the paid version.

I like the "FOX5NY WEATHER" app. It is complete with real time radar, hourly projections, 10 day forecast and more. You simply download and plug in your city and zip code.

Showtime Showtime
2 weeks ago

I've also noticed NOAA has gone downhill on accuracy in forecasting. Lately I go more to "Hyperlocal Weather" app. It is powered by Dark sky which used to be an awesome app but has since folded. Also for radar I use "MyRadar" app... the classic view shows a good radar view...

2 weeks ago

I also have Fox 5 NY weather app. It's very good. I was just seeing what one is the most popular.
Thanks to all.

I used to have four or five weather apps because none of them gave me everything I wanted. At some point I tired Dark Sky, expecting to hate it because it looks so minimal. But it’s the only one on my phone now. Gives me everything I want and it is EXTREMELY accurate. When it pops up an alert saying “rain starting in Hackettstown in 12 minutes,” you better get yourself under some shelter within the next 11 1/2 minutes.

Interesting. I’m finding dark sky has been terribly inaccurate lately.

I like the radar on Dark Sky mobile. I used it last Summer to track heavy rain that stayed about 1 mile or so to the South of my home. It was very accurate in this use. Apple bought them and is dedicated to getting hyper local forecasts. When it comes to winter precipitation it still refers to NWS like most should for warnings.

Plus you can get alerts, such as snow or flurries starting in X minutes, snow stopped, etc.

Dark Sky is saying 7-10 inches of snow for Thursday the 18th. They previously had that that for the 17th. Pretty much everyone else is calling for not much snow then a lot of ice. Let's see...

Any numerical snowfall forecast for Thursday is entirely premature. Could 7-10" be right? Absolutely. But even if it ends up being 7-10" in the end, almost a 100% chance the forecast changes at least once...and probably multiple times between now and Thursday.

Route 46
2 weeks ago

Yeah, I don't trust any weather app at all that many days out, because I don't trust any weather *forecast* that many days out. Especially regarding snowfall amounts, which seem to be extremely unpredictable even under the best of circumstances.

The Edge Weather - local guy, fantastic meteorologist, updates daily/regularly when difficult predictions, supplements with American and European maps. The best!

Melissa A Nolan Melissa A Nolan
1 week ago

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