Hackettstown in the news. 2021 edition

re: resident Len Frank:

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
January 23rd

Shoprite getting out of the pharmacy business

Yes I know its in mansfield but customers going to CVS


Is the pharmacy at Mansfield Shop Rite closing? The article said the list of closures was not available yet.

moderateMike moderateMike
January 29th

I'm guessing if the list is not available yet, your question can't be answered. Maybe give the store a call directly. If that is your pharmacy, I'd gather they will let you know.

Well done...Mr.Frank.

thecoach thecoach
4 weeks ago

So now it's Weis and Shop Rite that are getting rid of their Pharmacies?

Hackresident Hackresident
4 weeks ago

Mansfield ShopRite pharmacy is not closing.

Not yet anyway

No ShopRite pharmacies in the local area are closing.The parent company of ShopRite Wakefern Food Corporation is closing pharmacies in their corporate owned stores.

Hackettstown man admits to multi million dollar fraud.


What I don't understand is how one can make a fraudulent infusion of $7 million in cash to a bank? I would think someone actually confirmed it somehow.

Some great people, great contributors to society...

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Re: Hackettstown in the news. 2021 edition
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