Andover Line

Anyone know if the Andover line is going to be done soon?

I just don’t see how this is viable when there was never anyone on the mT olive or h-town stops. Almost 2 hours from h-town to Hoboken. Why not improve existing line performance instead of providing a closer station for maybe 40? people on the outskirts of Andover? Wouldn’t Hackettstown be the more valuable market?

January 23rd

Who is commuting via rail these days? NJ Transit is on life support.

Trains? Try trains, buses, light rail.... Beyond life support, it needs a another bailout. Ridership fell 98% in the shutdown. Funds have been raided for the past two administrations. Worst equipment in the nation.

The basic service needs support, Federal support, doubt expansion is in the plan. Surprised Htown service is still operating. Too many of our Federal taxes go out if state while our transportation infrastructure crumbles.

Who rides the trains? The people that work to make NJ work.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
January 23rd

Mission Impossible taking the train to NYC from out here.
Better off driving to either Roxbury or Dover.
When I go in on a pleasure trip, I drive to Convent Station and try for an express.
Plenty of parking- cheaper fare-no hassle.

I heard it’s been pushed back a while as the comments above said there struggling. I do wanna ice tunnel though!

Just seems like a waste of time and money when the existing system is inadequate on routes that are less than 25 minutes to Newark broad. Irvington doesn’t even have rail access.

Hackettstown seems to disprove Andover’s purpose. Make it a rail trail and add hip shops in town with access

Fix what NJ Transit already has to reduce traffic choices instead of helping the small piece of mega commuters. Good working people are delayed on a regular basis. Rant

January 23rd

Lol what a absolute waste of money!!! We cant maintain what we have now why expand the rail system that no one will use. Just dumb.

Old Timer
January 24th

It's a most complex problem but first, if we keep raiding the budget, get hit by pandemics, we can't maintain what we have much less expand. Constant failures lower ridership more as we continue to circle the drain. NJ Transit is a thorny problem requiring Federal support, a dedicated budget that can't be raided, and a keep your hands off the honeypot focus. First, it is needed. Without it NJ does not work. IF, for example, Hackettstown could get decent service, our economy would benefit as more people would take advantage of our neighborhoods and businesses being able to easily commute by rail. Think we're running about 20%, and that's with a terrible schedule of trains. We have plenty of parking. But how do you manage a business properly when your budgets keep getting stolen to cover other shortfalls. Hard to maintain what we have much less expand when every year you have to reconfigure your spending because you get robbed.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 24th

What they should be focusing on is technical advancements that would improve speed like other countries have. If I could get on a train and be in NYC in under 30 minutes I would do it all the time. Obviously post pandemic. In reality that distance ride would take 15 minutes in some European cities. If they ever going to increase ridership they have to be able to compete agains planes and automobiles.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
January 24th

According to WAZE- NYC is a 45 mile drive from Hackettstown.
If it takes nearly 2 hours to get there via rail- it’s not a realistic option.
I don’t believe the population density, therefore the ridership, warrants any significant expenditure.
That’s the price for maintaining a country atmosphere out here.
Don’t believe you can have it both ways (IMHO).
Only way feasible is some sort of quasi express train once or twice a morning, maybe Hackettstown, Roxbury, Morristown then-straight on through.

I wasn't aware there was a station in Roxbury

It is in the Landing section of Roxbury and there is a station in Mt.Arlington also.

Mrs.Ward Mrs.Ward
January 24th

Ridership numbers never supported the service and will never support a quasi express...better and cheaper options available.

NYC will not have office occupancy it once did in the near future or ever.

NJ Transit should cut back on its footprint and improve service where it can.

Cut back can equate to more efficient use of revenue.

Here's my "quasi express" train that's easy and cheap to revamp the system from recalculate its costs vs. attracting (and serving) more riders from the 'increasing number of suburbanites' who moved away from the city, but still work in the city.

Add an EXPRESS TRAIN from Hackettstown (keeping its local stops) to Dover (maybe adding Denville), to then go straight to just MSU, then skip others to Newark (to lastly end go to Hoboken or NYC Penn).

~With the same express schedule in reverse on the trips back to Hackettstown.

Then again, if there's not enough track to run a train over another (...and they can't learn how the NYC MTA does it), then there's NOTHING "QUASI" to express through its DEFINED train track system :>(

Even if they want to add or extend a track, like the Lackawanna Train Line from PA to NJ/NY, it will take centuries before such extension will finish the "environmental & feasibility" surveys and researchers ...along any approval from the town's people and politicians.

{Otherwise, the best option is to Move closer to where you make $$$ or Move out of this State ---- knowing the whole world, your life should not solely revolve around your town in NJ, forever}
January 25th

I guess you people don't realize the majority of Hackettstown riders go to morris and Essex counties rather than NYC..The actually get more riders out of Hackettstown than Mt Arlington...all the parking soaces in mt arlington are taken by bus passengers

Can't you do this already by changing to an express at Dover? It's still a hour twenty minutes from Dover. Like every 20-30 minutes starting at 4:16 am every weekday morning.... Matter of fact, you can transfer at Dover to an express based on your H-town ticket. Takes over two hours no matter whether you xfer at Dover or Newark Penn Station.

So it's not for everyone. And to be honest, trying to get to the Jersey Gold Coast or any East Jersey points is about two hours too. 2 hours to Hoboken, 2 hours to Basking Ridge, 1 hour to Chatham, 1.5 hours to Short Hills, 2 hours to Newark Penn, 1.5 hours to Newark Broad Street, not a pretty picture. Driving is worse, but you still have to get from the station to your place of work.

Still would like to see some Express from H-town to NYC Penn, even on the weekend. Yet neither the ridership nor the investment money is there to really give it a try. And the fact the trains are in disrepair, schedules are adjusted for breakage all the time, none of this helps a broken system. It needs resuscitation and some dedicated budget to even have a glimmer of a chance.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 25th

Based upon the new paradigm of working from home, many folks would only commute 1-2 days per week who live this far out.

Most h-town riders seems to go to Dover or mo-town. Which makes sense to me. I would too if I worked there

January 25th


All the diesels go to Hoboken...not allowed in the tunnels to the city

That fits my case perfectly that they already have an express train schedule :>)

So it can't be so difficult nor cost the NJTransit to much to give my (real) express schedule that suggests to CUT THOSE STOPS after DOVER to go down straight to Newark before it increases the ridership from those in these far west areas.

Of course since that's too extreme for them to consider, I also suggested (even further add) a few stops along the way like: Denville, MSU, Watchung, & Bay Street, to add its worth financially to have them give it a try.

Also knowing Dover is a huge train Hub, they can always send a train down the line to scoop up the unhappy riders (or $ the NJTransit is missing) who are skipped out from my (real) express train.

Nevertheless, such a (real) express train like that will save at least a half an hour to 45 minutes off everyone's commute from Hackettstown thru Dover --- That will increase ridership.

Otherwise, then WHAT have they EVER DONE to INCREASE ridership over the LAST DECADES????
January 26th

The Mount Arlington Station is a popular place to catch the train. The bus commuters do take up a lot of the parking. Pre Covid the lot used to fill up early in the morning. There is nothing on the other side of the tracks. NJ Transit should build another parking lot there to encourage ridership.

The Shadow
January 26th

Re: Andover Line

The Andover section of the Lackawanna Cutoff is planned to be reopened by NJ Transit. There were several issues of property ownership and drainage problems along the right of way. The Roseville tunnel near Andover will need extensive repair and have stabilization done. This project has been delayed far too long.

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