Meals by mail

Anyone try Healthy Harvest or any of these other meals by mail products?

Sounds like HH is frozen and goes to table in minutes, little prep and healthy ingredients.

Some of the others sound like more work except for the shopping. Not sure I’m up for that since SR does my shopping for $5.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
January 19th

I used Hello Fresh for a while. They are meal kits. All ingredients are included. Easy to make. You feel like a gourmet chef! Delicious. I only stopped because I wasn't always home on evenings I scheduled for delivery, and you really do need to cook it up rather timely. The greens will wilt otherwise.

I just tried every plate last week. It too is a meal kit with all the ingredients per meal and recipe cards to go by. IMO I'd rather go shopping and buy my own food, because these can become pricey.

Used Hello Fresh and Every Plate and both are great for convenience and really yummy but I missed my own cooking! So I stopped. I might go back some day but also don't want to spend the extra $$$ on it right now. Also, found myself supplementing my own ingredients and just getting bored with the menu. All depends on what your needs are! It is great for convenience and trying new things.

somechick1 somechick1
January 19th

Home Chef is fantastic. Lots of options on how much or little prep you want. Each recipe can be customized to change the protein, too.

Thanks everyone, that's some great reviews.

Here's one more: ttps://

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 20th

We used Hello Fresh for about a year and then switched to Sunbasket (which we have been using for about a year and a half). Both are excellent companies but we made the switch based on the fact that Sunbasket is organic and had more weekly choices. Not sure what Hello Fresh has been up to lately, but both are worth checking out.

January 20th

LeafSide ( has dehydrated meals.
Really good! Really healthy!
Lots of choices ie meals, smoothies, etc.
shelf-stable, great for travel, dieting, etc.
I’ve been buying for years.

Really??? Really???
January 20th

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