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Does anyone know of any dog shelters that are accepting Pet food donations? We have several bags we can donate... my original post was deleted and said there are other topics like this on this forum. I couldn’t find any recents ones. I could have possibly missed it... not the best with technology... thanks in advanced

Hktmom5 Hktmom5
Jan '21

A quick search found some of the local animal shelters. I would pick one and reach out to them to coordinate a delivery. I am sure they will be most appreciative! Good luck.

All of the local shelters will accept it. In addition, the food bank at Trinity will also accept it.

Eleventh Avenue Rescue on Route 10 E in Randolph

I think you mean 11th "Hour" Rescue

Noah's Ark on Rt. 46 in Netcong area. i t's called St Huebert's now. They take pet food donations. there is a closed crate outside their door that you put the food and other pet supplies in (pet beds, etc.)

Hackresident Hackresident
Jan '21

Common Sense for Animals at Dr Blease DVM in Washington NJ 07882

they take pretty much anything. Make sure it is a plastic bag though for weather concerns.

Thank you all for the great suggestions! Much appreciated. Will look into these more.

Hktmom5 Hktmom5
Jan '21

Some food pantries accept pet food too. The Long Valley Community Pantry accepts them. Donations can bee droppped off any day at Hoffman’s Supply, or at the Long Valley Presbyterian Church, Thursday’s from 9-11.

Lwinters Lwinters
Jan '21

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