Did Legacy Services go out of business?

Legacy Services did not pick up my garbage last week. I noticed there website is gone and no one answers the phone and you cannot leave a message. Does anyone know what is going on?

Looks like it. Recent google reviews and Facebook comments seem to confirm.



If you prepaid with a credit card I recommend contacting your credit card company to request a chargeback soon.

Wow!! Just shut down and never told customers? What a horrible way to do business. I am very happy with my company LMR. Look into them and see if they service your area.

I would not recommend LMR, They doubled my rate without notice and their customer service was not very friendly. I was pre-paid and was told I could take my business elsewhere or pay the difference.

Sanico is the best in my

I have to agree LMR is not very good. We were on autopay and 3 separate times they didn’t pick up our garbage because it “showed” in their computers that we didn’t pay even though it did. All 3 times was like pulling teeth to get fixed, finally switched to Sanico and have been fantastic.

I guess they took all of that generous holiday tipping and ran :)

Read in another forum:
"They went out of business.
They sent us an email saying sorry for the short notice."

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
2 weeks ago

Agree on Sanico.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

Also agree on Sanico - and their customer service is second to none

Nobody is recommending waste management? LoL

I have used Waste Management for nearly 30 years living here. Never an issue. They are very consistent and reliable. They pick up once per week, a 96 gallon can they supply. The recycling gets picked up every other week again in a 96 gallon can they supply. As an aside they offer smaller cans if you like. In addition anytime an increase is applied a phone call simply stating we will take our business elsewhere results in keeping the same rate. I pay $76 per quarter- the same rate for many, many years.

+1 Greg, 30+ here too. Also, they have competitively matched price whenever I have asked. Ty HL for providing pricing :-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

Legacy could still be in business if they played ball! Paulie Walnuts was just asking for a "Taste". Just wanted to wet his beak.

The Shadow
2 weeks ago

Sanico,great service.

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