Found canoe on the musconetcong river

I found a canoe floating down stream on the musconetcong river and would like to get it back to the owner. If you have lost a canoe please describe the canoe where it would have been lost and i will arrange to get it back to you.

Jay Bee

Hopefully that only means it broke loose rather than the other possibility.

I'd hate to think someone ended up in the cold river:-(

Cue the banjo music?

“Don’t come back to Ain’try....”

Might be worth reaching out to the Musky Watershed Association.

Was it in good shape or did it look like it’s been there for a while?

3 weeks ago

Consigliere i was there the day before and there was no canoe.

As high as the river was the other day, I'd bet it got swept away.

Maybe a few posters along the river stating found canoe may help find the owner.

That canoe came from Aintree...

I just messaged you, I believe I know who it belongs too!

kelleo22 kelleo22
2 weeks ago

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Re: Found canoe on the musconetcong river
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