2020-21 Nhl

Drop the puck.
Soon to announce (as soon as players and league agree on the $) 56 game season. New divisions with an all Canada division.

Aimed for 1/1/21 (so not really a ā€œ2020ā€-21 season but no way they can get a camp open in time for that. So I guess mid Jan early Feb?

Here it comes. Unrequested nhl predictions, remember Iā€™m always wrong. Except last year, I got it right.

TB and Bost start the season with injuries. Leaving Colo the fav but it will be the Golden boys hoisting the Silver. Vegas made a huge move getting Pietrangelo and win it.

Locals, NYI repeat their successes, fall short, new division proves tough for NYR to move on but they may surprise in a round, NJ will be similar to that black stuff that gets stuck on your shoe.

This is the way.

Roywhite Roywhite
1 week ago

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