Home Depot carpet cleaner rental

Hey all,

Was considering renting one of these at HD:


Does anyone have any experience w these? $32/day seems pretty reasonable but if they don’t do much cleaning I’d rather not even waste my time. Please let me know if you’ve ever rented one of these and how your experience was.

Thanks in advance!

Dec '20

We flirted with the idea but the Hoover pet carpet cleaner was such a deal and works like a dream. Well worth the price.

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
Dec '20

I just rented one about a month ago. They really do a very good job. The key is to pretreat the heavy traffic areas. Also, go over the carpet a few times. You will be surprised at how dirty the water gets even after the third pass. I also do the last pass with just hot water. That way I'm certain I got all of the soap residue out. That is what will actually attract dirt it seems.

I actually own a commercial machine just like the rental units however my beater bar is worn so every once and awhile I rent one.

As an aside, I find Zep rug cleaners to be a good product. I also mix some Oxy clean liquid from the Dollar store in as well for kicks and giggles.

Thank you, Greg! That was a very detailed and informative reply. I think I’ll pick one up within the next few days.

Dec '20

Agree with Greg completely. I rented one from Home Depot back in September and was pretty happy with how things went (and mildly disgusted by the dirty water that came out).

Pretreating does wonders (I actually used Resolve for the pretreating)...and definitely don't be bashful about doing multiple passes. Next time I will try the hot water only on the last pass.

Route 46
Dec '20

We have a Hoover "home" model. It's nice for maintenance, but it does not clean nearly as deep as the "real" big machines. I'm going to rent one myself, altho I saw them at Lowes.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Dec '20

I just go with the pro: http://www.garlickcarpetcleaning.com/

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Dec '20

I've used Garlick several times. Both home and office. Good job and nice people.

+1 on Garlicky...gunna call him soon

Dec '20

Plus 1 for Garlick!

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