Low Cost Dental Insurance to cover dentures for Seniors

Does anyone know of any dental insurance coverage for low income Seniors over 65 that would include dentures or implants? Any local dentists who would take this type of insurance?

Take vacation and go to Mexico for cheap dental work.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
December 2nd

Just keep in mind, most plans have a 1 yr waiting period on major work like crowns/dentures/implants. Most plans also have a yearly max they will pay out which you can definitely hit with work like that.

Check out Delta Dental. Not the cheapest but see if it will cover your needs. Implants take nearly a year from start to finish.

There is a discount program called Aetna Open Access... You can check it out on line. If you elect to join, it saves you $$ on most procedures. Totally depends on the procedure. It's worth it if you have nothing.

I use MetLife Takealong Denist; $47 a month, covers about 80% most things, some free checkups and cleanings per year. Same price as when I had the corporate version.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 3rd

I have Aetna Dental Access too. Cost me about $120.00 annual bill, but I saved $750.00 on my dental visits and a crown last February. They have a list of dentists that participate in their plan and I went to Dr. Liebes in H'town. I haven't been since the COVID started, so I don't know if he is still in the plan. You can check it out on-line.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
December 3rd

Here's an older thread with some more suggestions . Good luck !


Try the dental school in Newark. They have a clinic there. NORWESCAP dental clinic in Hackettstown may help as well

I believe Rutgers also has a Dental School.

The dental school in Newark is Rutgers .Went to them for one year and four months after it took 2 and a half months just to get the initial appointment in 2015 .They did an estimated 6K of dental work for slightly less than 2K , but if you are on Medicaid everything is paid in full by Medicaid - seemingly a good deal until you realize your income has to be poverty level , so not so good . With the pandemic I would forego them anyway since the waiting list is probably double or triple the wait combined with the two week school shutdowns in winter and summer . And I lucked out with an experienced dentist from Canada looking to get U.S. certified , you might end up with some no-nothing rookie right out of high school .

I would start with the one year dental discount plan from Aetna or comparable and apply for a Care Credit card which allows as much as 18 months interest free payback . Once again good luck !


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