Do you tip????

I have been ordering more items online and having them delivered than I ever have because of Covid. I would like to show appreciation to my mail carrier - any suggestions?

Treetops Treetops
December 2nd

I always tip the Mailcarrier. Legally you can tip up to $20. but that is winked at very often.

Postal employees get lifetime taxpayer funded pensions. Never been one to tip those folks.

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
December 2nd

I tip everyone working the front line in this war. I only have $20’s because it’s “keep the change” too. Postal, delivery, gas station, take out.. If $20 too much, I just alternate when I tip.

My income is untouched, frankly my Feb investments in pandemic necessities are booming, we can wah; and our spending is down. Like my Dad said when he turned down his wwii combat disability pay: “the other boys beed it more.”

I have also diverted much of my national charity giving to local causes especially shuttered businesses and venues. Or food banks or meals for front line workers.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 2nd

Tip the mail carrier? I suppose giving the guy a gift card for Christmas is technically a tip but other than that, I never even considered it.

December 2nd

I think of it more as a holiday gift than a tip, but yes, $20.

My neighbors should tip me for bringing them all their mail I get in my box or find in the street.

Roywhite Roywhite
December 2nd

"My neighbors should tip me for bringing them all their mail I get in my box or find in the street."



That was pretty much what I said when I lived in Hopatcong. I'd tip them when the mail was delivered correctly on a regular basis. Same went for trash pickup, though that was because we were allowed 2 bags per week and I'd set out only 1 bag every 3-4 months. That bag was not only well within the weight limit and I also always took my own recycling to their recycling center on Saturdays. I did discreetly tip the guys at the recycling center here or there if they did something to help that required their effort or I needed their permission for.

Maybe if we consistently got the correct mail or if the carrier didn’t damage small packages by cramming them into the mailbox../..

ImOnSaxton ImOnSaxton
December 2nd

I was told by a former postmaster that we are not supposed to tip a mailman.

I think the question should be: are you tipping this year differently than last year. My answer above is a resounding YES!

I tip as many front-line workers as I can; screw the postmaster’s rules, and have shifted all national charity giving to local.

My take; they’re taking the risk, I can afford this minor reward. And since I am making money off this time; why not give it to those willing to take the risk I am not.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 2nd

I agree Strangerdanger. This year is a different time!

Tipping wait staff more? Yes. But not union government bureaucrats

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
December 2nd

I give a gift to my letter carrier, garbage man, cleaning lady, nail technician, hair dresser, dog groomer, UPS man to show my appreciation. They are all different. Garbage man is 50. These people provide a service to me on a weekly basis. It’s the least I can do.

In my neighborhood (Hunters Brook) we have to get our mail at a bank of boxes situated at the entrance. Mail is late, carriers usually not in uniform and sometimes wrong mail in my box. I tip gas attendants at QC and Wawa a buck every now and then if they are nice and the weather is nasty.

Bababooey Bababooey
December 2nd

I live in a townhouse complex where I get my mail from a bank of boxes & consistently I get the wrong mail or my mail is delivered to someone else. I notice that we don't always have the same person. Therefore, I would not tip as they are not doing a great job at all. Tipping others like the garbage company, nail salon, etc - yes, most definitely!

Every year for the last 25 years my postal carrier gets a Christmas gift, as does the garbage man, as does the kids bus driver. These are all people that make my life significantly easier on a daily basis and I feel should be recognized.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
December 3rd

LOL, do you tip UPS/FedEx? Those guys are hustling a lot more than your friendly public sector worker with pensions. Are you crazy, let them do there job as they are PAID! Want to tip, tip a Walmart cashier or the like!

Here's a suggestion:

Bababooey Bababooey
December 3rd

How about a nice box of chocolate from Tracy's candy shop here in town. You feel good, the carrier will love it, and you support a local business that is definitely struggling during this time.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
December 3rd


Ijay - I will tip who I want thank you.

PS. Garbage man not public sector no pension. Bus driver, again not public sector no pension. Both these services privatized a long time ago. My FedEx guy is not a regular. My ups guy got a bottle of booze last year.

PSS. I have been known to give the kids teachers a Christmas gift card to Dunkin or Starbucks. I hope that really sends you over the

It’s called kindness in case you were wondering.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
December 3rd

My garbage men are public sector. My township picks up my garbage.

Calico696 Calico696
December 3rd

The nerve of some people to take jobs with. That just frosts my cake. Only thing worse is public sector worker. That really chaps my lips. Only thing worse is education worker. Totally melts my ice cream.

Public, private, pension, 402k, hourly w/o benes, documented or undocumented, who cares. We tip for services offered, risks taken, not by how folks are remunerated or legal status.

You do know our lifer military hero's are piblic servants with a pension. Stop the parade, end the hypocrisy now!

How about a little kindness for those on the front lines of this war; especially from those of us that can wah our way though it in relative safety. Don’t tip because itt the holidays, tip for the respect of service rendered in these difficult and dangerous times.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 3rd

I won't tip anyone unless they show me there tax returns lol.........

Jim KIng
December 3rd

I'll tip the mailman once they start delivering mail to my house instead of making me pick it up at the post office.

All service workers are working harder with less pay . My mail lady I see working at 7 pm , my waitress friend is making 3 bucks a hour , 6 tables allowed ! But working harder to go orders , no pay increase . My hair and nail lady are down with business so I tip everyone . If budget allows tip these people , at least they are not collecting unemployment trying to do the right thing .
I have always gave gifts / money for the holidays to mailman , garbage man , stylists , nail girl . Honestly make it worth it for them risking their health serving us.

They're all still working and I'm out of work and you want me to tip them? Really? When do they tip me?

December 4th

+1 Opik.

Only what you can afford lonelyvouce. Perhaps a kind word. It’s a K shaped recovery with some, like me, wah-ing and investing well in things for the pandemic, spending less, bank account growing, and others out of work and probably needing some tips or more themselves.

So no, of course not, and I can hardly even feel the pain of being out of work, hearing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel’s end might be June.

What can we do to help?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 4th

Lonely voice ,
If you read the entire post I clearly said if budget allows.
Most people are Experiencing hardship whereas several are extremely busy . It’s called survival and help each other out , but anything helps and completely understandable if can’t .

If you feel like someone has made your life just a bit easier or more pleasant or happier or just because you want to be kind, then give a tip, whatever you can afford. If you can't afford anything, your circumstances are difficult right now, then perhaps a thank you/appreciate you note. I appreciate my newspaper delivery guy. He comes every day, no matter the weather. He tries very hard to leave my paper where the snowplow won't get it. I try to tip him something, but I can never give him what he's worth to me.
Times are tough for just about everyone right now, whether you have a job or not. So anything we can do for each other, out of kindness, can only help.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
December 4th

Exactly....Lonesome Dove...thank you for that comment...

+1 LonesomeDove

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 4th

SD you have dementia. First, how dare you talk about the military when you have no idea about it. I personally do, but what opportunity would you have to tip them? I help out with my time working with troubled vets, what do you do but pontificate? Please elaborate.

Regarding tipping in general, I tip those who are underpaid. 20% plus at restaurants, salon, etc. Yes, I do not tip any public worker. Are you crazy! Back in the day teachers got small gifts but never cash or gift cards, and from the wife of course.

Tip a public worker with a pension? Hell no.

If you care so much why don't you tip those truly in need. Those making little money with no benefits, no pension, no Summers off. You need to get real!

Preach on iJay

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
December 4th

iJay - i did not realize I needed to look at someone’s benefit package before I decide to tip them.

I do have one question though. Why did the gift to the kids teachers need to be from your wife?

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
December 5th

The point which should be quite clear is to not tip the well compensated or over compensated.

That’s your point. AKA an opinion.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
December 5th

As a ******************* delivery person, I've got to say that the delivery region I work in (Warren County) has gotten really stingy. I'm driving 8 miles for $3. That's 16 miles round trip. Usually for a Soda and Snack.

People have to realize that the people delivering have to earn an income or they won't be getting their "food".

Start ordering meals, not soda and junk food.

"Start ordering meals, not soda and junk food."

Or, find alternative employment if it's not paying enough for your liking! LOL.

At least he is working. Work ethic in this country has gone down the toilet.

To each there own. I believe we work for the Lord so not matter who you give to or how much. It's God's money. Not even our concern how they spend it. So give freely from the heart. Your reward is in heaven.

In God We Trust In God We Trust
December 6th

Holy hell. hahahaa.

While I agree that money is BS, a certain amount is needed so you don't have to be thinking about where your next dollar will come from. "Free For All" attitude is not the answer and God's money??? If there is a God he would care less about money. Look at what is out there in the Universe, how immense it is. Money was created by man and it is not divine. This is the problem with many religions that state God will make you wealthy. Money is more closely aligned with the "devil" in its fractional reserve nature. You have a dollar, what do you have???

Wealth is not measured in money.

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
December 7th

This has gotten so off topic.

For me- I've tipped my regular delivery person this year, because they have slugged so many boxes - a lot more than usual and still have to run around and get turnaround times. Deliveries were made even in rainstorms and quickly. Good service this year - at least for me.

December 7th

We also tip our Garbage men and others who have been working double duty this year.
& double the tips for wait staff will send gift packages to front line workers.

Its been an exceptionally hard year for all - and working from home has allowed us to save and give a little more.

HtownNewbie HtownNewbie
December 7th

I wish I could tip the town snow plowers. They do a great job often working through the night while I sleep. Anyone know how I can get the tip to the guy that plows my street?

Any ideas Jim L?

Jim KIng
December 12th

I'd give Scott Armstrong a call and discuss it with him. Are you sure it is always the same person in the crew? I see several of the guys on our street during storms, not just one truck.

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