multifocal catarect surgery with laser

has anyone had the multifocal lens put in for cataract surgery and can you tell me how your vision is, especially night driving? Trying to decide which way to go. having mine done in abut 2 weeks. Wanting to hear from those who actually have the multifocal lens. I am so undecided.

I went "traditional" and anything can be corrected with glasses.

I explored both and went with the "traditional single focus" as did Bernie. Based on the test done prior to my decision the specialist said I was not a good or the best candidate for the multifocal. Additionally I know someone who had multifocal and it did not work out well for her. Her Multi's had to be removed and replaced with single traditional focus. As in most things many people have success with multifocal. My night vision is wonderful which was my main concern. Depending upon the size & style of the print I read I CAN Sometimes read without wearing my $1.00 readers.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
December 1st

I am going on Thursday to get my second eye done. Again I am going with the "traditional" way.

You did know that MEDICARE will pay once for new glasses? Just single lens or a reading pair.

thanks to all who responded. Seeing better is of course the goal, but not having to worry about where my glasses are or have to keep wearing glasses is also my goal.

I would have definitely gone with multifocal if it was available when I had mine done - I did pay extra for the astigmatism correction - Friend had multifocal and loves it - doesn't need any glasses

My husband just had both eyes done with multifocal. awesome results, and he is so glad he went with that decision, but it was so much more expensive. Good luck with your surgery.

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Re: multifocal catarect surgery with laser
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