What phone companies service the town?

I am looking to see what phone companies service the town. My mom presently uses Verizon and her bill was just $80 with only $3.59 cents in long distance calls. I had changed the plan two months ago to save her money, only to find out that there was a $13.99 minimum fee for long distance! I was never told this before. '

I live in Great Meadows and my house phone is less than $30 without long distance I have Century Link.

Thanks for recommendations.

Google voice. Free.

Sacks cousin
December 1st

Comcast has landline service

I am happy voice

magic jack

If your mother has internet in her home any VOIP solution would work like the ones suggested above. Without an internet connection you are limited to wired where choices might be fewer but not sure what is available for land lines.

The VOIP (phone over the internet) is not a landline. It requires an internet service to work. There are many of them including the ones already mentioned.

Actual landline is only ever available from the single provider (like Century) in one township. In the area almost all are Verizon with those few exceptions where Century is the local company.

VOIP and cell phones are two popular options instead of an actual landline. There are so many of them that I would explore those instead of the landline.

Thanks everyone. I decided to call comcast as she gets her TV service from them and doesn't have internet. It turns out that the bill for comcast would be less than half of what she is presently spending with Verizon. The person at comcast explained to me that she would need a modem to put the phone jack into. She also told me that only one phone could be used with this. Mom has several phones that are portable. I'm thinking that only the main one needs to be plugged into the jack but the others can just be plugged into the regular outlet as they presently are.

Those that have comcast, do you have an answering machine with phone plugged into the modem and other portables plugged in around the house?

Either way I will be changing the company as the cost saving is good. Thanks again.

I have Comcast triple play and the phone should work with all the pre-wired phone jacks in the house once connected into one of them. I have the wire from the phone modem going into a two into one phone jack splitter along with the phone near that jack and my wireless phone is plugged into a jack in another room. It's internet phone (VOIP) and there is no long distance charge . Century Link is the worst , I used to use my tracfone for long distance since their long distance charges really are from another century !


Be careful with Comcast. I am currently paying over $190 a month and I have NOTHING. No fancy channels or anything. They tell me that having the triple play is the cheapest way to go. If I cancel them, the internet would still be $100. They are the ONLY provider I can have where I live in town and it SUCKS!!! Not to mention their customer service is horrendous!

December 2nd

If you go comcast, have them put the modem between in such a way as to intercept the main phone line into the house. that way all here prewired phones will work. You should know that if she loses power, that comcast phone will not work. (Pure landlines work off the batteries in the central office, but VOIP needs power.)

Alternatively just get here a cell phone, or a whole house cell service like "hub". Especially if she does not need international calling, then all her domestic long distance is included. There are plenty of cell services around $40 a month, including the one I work for.

(Disclaimer I work for Visible, a Verizon subsidiary.)

When my modem was installed 7 years ago Comcast explained it had a backup battery good for 4 hours(I believe the newer ones have more hours of backup) , of course it wouldn't work with a cordless phone whose base needs power or if the cable service also went out with the power .

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