Black and White Tuxedo Cat: Missing

Has anyone seen a black and white tuxedo cat with a clipped ear in the vicinity of the Washington Street School in town? She has been missing about a week now.

We just want to make sure that she is safe. So if someone has given her a home, please let us know. For anyone who reads this post and lives in the area of the Washington Street Middle School in town, please check your garages, sheds, under porches and shrubs...she might be trapped or injured.
Thank you!

Check with Tad at Valley Auto on the corner of Main and Plane streets. He has a few cats that hang around his shop that he provides for.

Re: Black and White Tuxedo Cat: Missing

we spotted this small tuxedo in Riverfront Park early this afternoon -
in the brush backing to Willow Grove houses- couldn't get close - hope she belongs to someone

I saw that kitty today as well. I was thinking about this thread too.

Is this your cat, Lee?

Hackresident Hackresident
November 26th

I understand that the missing cat has a little strip of white color in between the eyes. Also white paws and the white bib.

Thank you for the lead. I will check-in with Tad.

The photo of the tuxedo cat near the park is not her.

The tuxedo we are looking for has a narrow white strip from between her eyes to her nose...has white bib and white feet with a clipped ear. There is not any white on her " cheeks".
Thank you for your responses....

Still have not found the missing kitty. Nor have there been any sightings by neighbors.
Checked several houses today...under porches and shrubs in the 400 block of Washington Street but found nothing.
Please everyone say a prayer and keep an eye out for her.....praying that she just turns up!

Lee Can you post a pic.

Sad Neighbor
November 29th

Unfortunately we do not have a photo as she was quite elusive when she was here. The other person who primarily cared for her doesn't have one either.

-Her left ear was clipped.
-Just has strip of white that runs between her eyes down to her nose but no other white on face.
-Has white paws and a bit full in the belly.

Found out today that she also travelled in the 300 block of Washington Street too.

Please keep a watchful eye out folks and check under porches and shrubs as well as sheds and garages.

She might be injured or trapped.

Thank you everyone!

Any updates on the missing kitty?

The kitty is still missing.

Searched again on Wednesday.

Anyone who reads this and lives in the area of the Middle School on Washington Street within 5 blocks please check your garages, sheds, crawl spaces, vehicles, trailers, underneath shrubs and and any secluded areas on your property.

She might be trapped or injured.

Please help us find her...thank you!

Not to be cruel but I really can't stand pet owners that let their animals roam free. I see too many cats in the road and it makes me sick. There are people out there who do it on purpose not to mention the countless morons that are too busy looking at their phones rather than the road. If you do find her please consider giving her a home inside. She might have somewhere she goes to keep warm. When I was a kid my cat got hit by a car and vanished for 2 weeks. She came back with a limp and survived so don't give up!

Hi "Noname"....thank you so very much for your response......the kitty we are looking for is a feral kitty. She had been part of a TNR program. The person who has primarily been feeding her for about 5 years tried to get her inside but said that she went bananas. Literally climbing the walls. She is really upset that she is missing.

I agree with you 100%.... I hate it that there are outside kitties. I wish that I could save them all!

For those that are outside and feral the best that we can do is provide them with food and when possible an outdoor shelter.

A few years ago I bought this elevated, insulated log cabin. There were 2 ferals that used it back then. Since then no takers on the little cabin.

So glad that your kitty came back to you years back. I am absolutely not giving up on her. I believe in that old saying about cats and having 9 lives! Thank you!

I just spotted a tuxedo cat (Tues 12-8-20 5:45pm) run through the yard at 122 Washington St. (near the phone building of Valentine St. Mostly white on the bottom, head and back were like 3 splotches of black,

Thank you Hose251 for reporting your sighting.

The cat that we are looking for is mostly all black except for the narrow white strip between her eyes down to her nose, a white throat and belly with white paws.

Again truly appreciate your post. If you see any others please let me know. Thank you so very much!

Re: Black and White Tuxedo Cat: Missing

Don't think this is ferral the kitty your talking about but if it is I can provide info..... And God bless you for being such a good ferral caregiver - I hate that there are any kitties living outside - but so glad there are some people who care and try to protect and provide for the babies that do....

A. Ragamuffin A. Ragamuffin
3 weeks ago

Thank you A. Ragamuffin for the post. Unfortunately the kitty you posted is not the missing kitty.

I agree with you.... I just hate that these kitties are left to fend for themselves. Breaks my heart.

Again thank you for the post.

There has been a red fox spotted on Washington Street (between Center & Warren) multiple times over the past couple of weeks. Last seen this past Tuesday morning around 9am trotting right up the sidewalk. Just an FYI for anyone with small pets outdoors.

WashingtonStRes WashingtonStRes
3 weeks ago

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