Injured goose at alumni?

Has anyone else noticed the goose in the first pond area to the right when you enter? I noticed it a few weeks ago. It was all alone and it’s feathers were missing on its wing/ it seemed to be injured, although it was eating and moving around. I asked the kid who lives at the house to let his dad know because he works for fish and wildlife. I saw the goose again about a week ago, still hanging around the same area, still has a wing that looks like feathers have been stripped in one section.

Wondering, has anyone else noticed it or reported it? Who could I call or notify if the fish and wildlife guy didn’t seem to care (or maybe his son didn’t tell him?). Didn’t notice if it had a band, I’ll check next time.

You could try local animal control and maybe they could help or tell you who to call.

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
November 25th

He’s been floating around there for quite a while. He seems to have no trouble finding food and I’ve seen him with other geese occasionally as well, they don’t appear to bully him. I always look for him when I’m walking there, I’m rather fond of him.

The man that lives there is a New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife employee and is well aware of it. It has been there for a bit.

Me too Kat, he seems ok, but I worry!

Thanks Greg, I know he works with F&W just wasn’t sure if he was aware.

I’m glad to know the goose has so many kind souls looking out for him :-)

Re: Injured goose at alumni?

that goose came right up to me - mouth open - asking for a handout I guess- looked pretty good despite wing - wondering if it should be taken to the Raptor Trust for care

If I were you, I'd take the goose to the Raptor Trust.

I don’t think any resident should try to move an animal that’s already under the care of the fish and wildlife warden

His name is Gimli and I have a feeling if you try to move him you're gonna have a bad time. He seems perfectly happy where he is, why move him?

GrandAve GrandAve
December 1st

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