Ok, my husband and I and many of her friends who grow up in this area are trying to figure out the timeline of the diner on East Avenue and Fr..46. It started as Bonanza, I know it’s some point it was Stardust diner and definitely the blue mist diner. But I know I’m missing a different name in between somewhere? Can somebody verify the timeline of that diner?

I think it was 4 Oaks at one time.

thehazguy thehazguy
November 17th

Way back when it was a nursery,

Re: Diner

Here's the nursery.

wondering wondering
November 19th

Oh WOW!! That is awesome!! I remember Bonanza, and definitely Stardust as well as the Blue Mist. I just know it was something before Blue Mist...

Thanks for posting that picture. Fascinating how places change over time.

Right Hazeguy.
Four Oaks was the name back in the 70's. I fought the fire that destroyed it. I can't recall what year. I thing Bonanza was after it was rebuilt.

There used to be an Italian Restaurant there back in the 80's, but I don't remember the name

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