Is it fine to get a hottub with a septic system? And how much more does it raise your electric bill per month?

Nov '20

It would have nothing to do with your septic system as it would not drain into it.

As far as cost it depends on the model and it's efficiency. Also how often you use it, temp settings etc. A friend has a very nice outdoor unit he uses year round. It is maybe $20 per month for electric. Naturally other supplies need to be figured in as well.

Where would it drain?.

Dry wells are illegal

Nov '20

Its clean water ..on the different than a pool..

Big Bob
Nov '20

I was thinking like a bathtub

Nov '20

Hot Tubs are more akin to pools than bathtubs. They do not hook up to drains, if you have to empty them just use a hose to siphon it out. You should not have to drain and refill that often, maybe once every three or fourth months depending on use and if you forget to add chlorine. (BTW we were told not to use the Bromide stuff, but YMMV ).

Never had on in NJ, but the new place in CO has one and it is amazing to sit in 99 degree water in 30 degree air, sipping a beer while the moon rises over the ridge to the east. Wish we had one when I lived in Hackettstown, all those years wasted.

Agust Agust
Nov '20

Anyone know a good hottub repair company?

Nov '20

I use Garcia and associates (908) 654-3332. Only ever have had good experiences with them.

Independent observer Independent observer
Nov '20

Good luck getting a hot tub anytime soon. We looked into it and some are 30+ week delivery ETA

Nosila Nosila
Nov '20

Tim Robyn fixes, services and sells hot tubs.

Naomi Naomi
Nov '20

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