Found Dog

Found Dog

My son found a little white dog just about to run across Main Street in Hackettstown, NJ. The only ID the dog had was a tag for East Plane Animal Hospital. We called East Plane Animal Hospital but they were closed. The dog is currently at the Hackettstown Police Station on Stiger St.

Per the Hackettstown Police Facebook Page, the dog has been returned to the owner!! So happy the dog is home


glad the little guy is with his owner again!!

Hackresident Hackresident
October 24th

That dog is always getting out. The owner never goes looking for it. Just waits til someone finds it and turns it in

Dog owner Dog owner
October 31st

That's sad to hear about the owner letting it run loose especially since there are many people that will run over an animal on purpose not to mention the countless number of those that are too busy looking down at their phones instead of the road.

Call animal control - maybe they can share some knowledge with the pup's owner

If he is the same one I have seen - he was down by Bea McNally's a few months ago - saw the owner coming down grand after him.. sounds like he does this a lot! poor little dog!

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