Doc Emrick retires

The Voice of Hockey, who has been the lead announcer on so many national hockey telecasts and Olympic hockey, as well, has retired. He will be remembered by hockey fans who found his work to be both entertaining and informative, a pro's pro.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
October 20th

Wow - he leaves behind so many great highlight reels - and HUGE shoes to fill!

IMO the best, I watch a ton of hockey, really enjoyed when he was on. Cut back the last few years, didn’t realize he was 74. I think I remember him on sportschannel with NJ.

Roywhite Roywhite
October 20th

As a 30 year Devils fan, I didn't realize how good Doc was until I listened to other hockey announcers. We were so fortunate to have Doc and Chico for many years.

Many years ago, with my young kids in tow, we arrived early for a game at the Meadowlands. We walked up to Doc and Chico to just say hello. They both took time to chat with us and both signed my sons hockey jersey.

Although I'll remember Doc's voice and ability to call a fast moving game, it was his kindness with my family that day, that I will never forget.

TU I guess you were never watching Fishstick games during the days of Jiggs & Eddie. The only thing worse was Stan Fishlah. That made it pretty obvious pretty quickly.

Doc in the booth, yes. Chico not so much. But both great with the fans at events, that's very true.

Re: Doc Emrick retires

Couldn’t stand him in the beginning probably because he was a devils broadcaster. have grown to appreciate him and will never forget his description of putting the lumber on the rubber

Had Enough Had Enough
October 20th

Loved Jiggs McDonald and Eddie Westfall when they were Islanders broadcasters back in the 80s and early 90s.

I remember John Sterling doing the Islanders in the 70's on radio, then he did the New Jersey Nets for awhile.

He was in Baltimore in the 60s doing the Bullets and Orioles ... when Brooks or Frank homered he'd reference the Simon and Garfunkel line "and here's to you, mister Robinson" and "it's a ribby for Robbie" a line he later used for Robinson Cano.

I guess the hockey world hasn't missed him all these years he's been doing the Yankees.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
October 21st

"Doc in the booth, yes. Chico not so much."

I don't know; Chico's commentary could get a little befuddled, but his obvious enthusiasm and sheer delight in the game is very hard to beat.

But as far as Doc goes, yeah, he's class act in every respect. I'll very definitely miss him.

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