Pharmacy reccomendation?

I am not pleased with the long wait for refills at my present pharmacy. Any suggestions? Who do you like?

wondering wondering
1 week ago

Order one day in advance maybe ? No pharmacy is perfect if you have to use the one that is in your health plan . I have a choice of the two supermarkets in the area , Walgreens , Walmart , and Panther Valley Pharmacy . I use PV but they are sometimes short on BP meds . On the plus side excellent pizza slices(thickest sausage slices on pizza I've ever seen) at Terranova next door .

All of the pharmacies are really busy and understaffed. Be patient, everyone is so snippy and they are doing their best. And no, I don't work there.

Mmadone Mmadone
1 week ago

I have three prescriptions monthly.Two from Wal-Mart (they message me when it is time for a refill) and Panther Valley pharmacy for the third which they have a specific type of medicine nobody else has.

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
1 week ago

I use Rite Aid when I'm allowed (my company basically forces Express Scripts) and I have never had any issues

Weebiekins Weebiekins
1 week ago

I use the CVS app/website so I'm not waiting around. I can check if it's ready, plus I have text notifications turned on. I can ordered it first thing in the morning, it tells me a rough time it will be available. Then I can be in Shoprite, I get the text, and I can go right over and pick it up knowing it's ready.

Shop Rite pharmacy. They are great. And my prescriptions are cheaper there than other pharmacies.

I use PV pharmacy. Definitely not the same since the new people took over. But it's convenient.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
1 week ago

Best pharmacy in town is CVS in Mansfield Plaza next to shoprite. Hands down. Outstanding service, long time staff, amazing staff!! Mike the pharmacist and his partner pharmacist and the techs have always been so good to me.

But DO NOT go to CVS on Main Street, it is a mess - they are rude, terrible wait times, disorganized, dangerous. Stay away.

I use CVS Main Street; ap pings me when script hits the bag, pick up window or mail for free, nice people from other CVS or the pharm that closed down across the street. Does get busy/understaffed at times, but everyone keeps cool. And lively pile of dirt with foxes and other wildlife to watch while you wait. Until they cut down the hawk tree that is.

Had to use Walmart the other day; they were amazing. Start to finish over the phone 15 minutes before closing and they.nailed it. Lifesaver that one.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

I use the CVS in Target. I have auto refill set up and I get a text message when it's ready. I then have them ship it to me if I don't plan on going shopping within a few days off it being ready.

Jrsemom Jrsemom
1 week ago

Always use the CVS at Target. Everyone is lovely and I get texts when things are ready.

Walmart at ITC is very efficient and like others posted, will text you when you’re prescription is ready.

I do like the personal touch and convenience of PV pharmacy but my insurance unfortunately likes the big box pharmas.

For reals For reals
1 week ago

CVS on Main St. is ok. Larry the tech can be pretty moody. I have waited on hold on the phone for almost a half hour. Most of the time they are pleasant.

Do not use Walgreens in Mansfield. They are terrible and borderline rude,

We like the CVS on Main Street. They don't like to answer the phone but are accommodating when you are at the counter. The drive-in is handy. They were the only ones around that had the flu shot for seniors.

CVS Main Street - always nice on the phone, scrips always ready, handy drive up - but the CVS Target, unless they changed the woman pharmacist - no thanks. She was always frazzled and too much on her hands for a big store. They needed more people. I do like the CVS Main Street a lot. I haven't had a bad experience. Good luck to you with your choice.

1 week ago

Went to CVS in Manfield up until a year or so ago and changed over to the CVS on Main St. as it was so much closer to our home and just made sense to do that. Everyone in both stores are very nice. and handle our prescription needs efficiently.....Never had a problem...

Strongly recommend PV pharmacy - very helpful staff, short waits - I can drop off a script and have the medicine in 15 minutes. Also, they help look for online coupons and work with you to get what you need. Great alternative to the chain pharmacies.

I have had no issues with CVS Main Street. And Larry is great. He acknowledges you like he remembers you and he spent time helping me with prices. My only issue with CVS is I can't get them to stop calling me with reminders.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
1 week ago

CVS Larry, and everyone great. Can’t answer phone sometimes cuz understaffed, darned thing screams at them, but its on prem customers first. Always dig to get best price.

Unfortunately the ap does seem a little overzealous and calling is the only way out, like double jeopardy for staffing. But I do get pinged when the drugs hit the bag, so I can drop off, do my email in the lot, ping and pick up. Nice. Or mail home for free!

I like that it’s mostly local folk like Larry and all the folks from the small one across the street that closed.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

Maybe it was just a bad for Larry. Try again!

Have personally known Larry of Main St. CVS most of his life and his family as well. Also a lot of the employees at Mansfield CVS and their families too. It is a good feeling to patronize the businesses in Hackettstown and have people call you by name when you come in (even with a mask on!)..
....Just like CHEERS!!!

CVS Main Street! Plus +++++

I use CVS as it is what I can use locally with my health plan. I used to use Express Scripts mail delivery but after some meds were recalled and they do not put the batch number on the bottle. You can call them to find out this information but this is a joke, all meds should have a batch number which is the case go getting them any local pharmacy. I have used CVS for flu shots as well. Well run stores albeit quite crowded these days. Unfortunately, my health plan does not offer 90 day fills at any place other than CVS. Check your plan first.

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