Music pumping in Great Meadows 17th October

Wow....I’m on Danville Mountain road and the music is comin in loud from somewhere! Is it Island Dragway or has someone got a party going! ?

Oct '20

Its the dragstrip.

"Music pumping in Great Meadows 17th October"

At first I read this as someone had drilled a music well in Great Meadows and were pumping tunes to the surface.

Several questions came to mind. Do you get different genres, depending on what type of strata you reach and start pumping from?

If you hit the Reading Prong of Gneisses and Granite, do you pump out Jazz Fusion?

If you hit oil, would you get Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening or ???

If you hit a sandy layer, would you get Beach Music, Surf Tunes or Reggae?

If you hit a Basaltic, Igneous plug, would you get Hard Rock?

If you hit an Iron deposit, would that be Industrial, Heavy Metal, or both?

If you hit Limestone, would you get Alkaline Trio?

Phil D. Phil D.
Oct '20

Phil you clearly voted yes to question #1 after that post.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Oct '20

Guys, here’s the thing, music was being played. I have a few questions and was able to answer a few but others must answer the rest.. Was it loud? Yes. Did people from around the area hear it? Yes. Was it coming from Island? Not sure. Was it a specific genre of music? Not sure. Was Sabra hummus served? Yes. Is Sabra hummus the best appetizer to serve at a party? Yes. Is there a better conversation starter than talking about Sabra hummus? No.

Oct '20


I think you're correct, lol.

"comin in loud from somewhere"

Perhaps there's better flow rate/loudness from different strata, depending on the thickness of the rock involved or that could be dependent upon where it's coming from.

Of course, it could have been being pumped from some body of water like a lake or a pond too, rather than from in the earth. Would you get Classic Rock from somewhere like Mammoth Pond, or maybe just songs by "Mastadon"? When they pumped out the Great Swamp years ago to make Great Meadows, did they get a lot of 70's type Swamp Rock or perhaps Cajun music?

That said, if it's being pumped out from the water next to Island Dragway, would you get "Car Tunes" like the "Golden Gup" used to play in the late 90's on part of his show on WNTI on Friday Mornings?


I appreciate the thought behind your post as well;-)

Phil D. Phil D.
Oct '20

Super creative stuff here.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Oct '20

The loud music was from an event at Island Dragway. The music was loud from mid-morning until early in the evening.

Oct '20

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