Stolen Welders Helmet

Stolen Welders Helmet

Someone stole our neighbors welding helmet. It is a solar powered welding helmet that he left under a tree in his front yard to charge after spending countless hours cleaning it for work Monday. He is a hardworking man that gives back to his community & this is just unfair. If you took it or know the person who stole it please return it, no questions asked. Thank you in advance. (208 E Baldwin St. Hackettstown)

Shannon Carbone Shannon Carbone
2 weeks ago

I hate stories like this.

I have a nice new Jackson Balder Smartiger helmet he can have.

That sucks. Back in May someone stole some knickknacks off of a porch on West Prospect Street and Main Street. I wonder if they ever got caught?

Some people just suck. Sorry this happened to your neighbor.

Calico696 Calico696
2 weeks ago

Just throwing this out there, Harbor Freight has a $20 off coupon for Vulcan welding helmets on their website this week.

I have lived in this neighborhood my entire life and I’m so sad to learn that something like this has happen.
Shannon you are correct, this man is a hardworking man who has also lived in hackettstown his whole life. It stinks that someone would do this to him
I hope the person finds it in his heart to return the helmet. Just step up and do the right thing!

This is just terrible... please whoever took it just bring it back and learn from your bad choice.

1 week ago

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