Lost father’s WWII dog tag

Lost father’s WWII dog tag

Hi all. I am a new poster. Somewhere between Panther Valley, Greene’s Beans coffee, Rite Aid and Quick Check on Bilby I lost my father’s dog tag that was on a leather cord with metal clasp. It is a dark grey larger circle with the name Francis Gabrielle Baron and a date of 1945 on it. USNR. I’m devastated that it must have e dropped somewhere. Please contact me if you come across it. Thank you so much. Kathryn

If you really run into a snag, there's lots of places to buy replacements. HOWEVER, if there's a way to replace it right or better, Bill Beigel will know. This guy's business is WWII data and he really is a good guy. Knows it all, how to do it, and if money involved, pretty sure you can't do better. I am using him for some research on my Dad's WWII journey and he is using a scalpel to carve out just what I need without charging me for anything more. Nor did the team push me in any sort of salesy way.
First time I ever spent $$$ on genealogy, don't think I would ever spend it anywhere else for anything, but Bill's team gets right to the point so their offer was extremely low cost and targeted.

If you need to replace, I would ask their advice which I am betting you get for free. https://www.ww2research.com/

strangerdanger strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

Thank you kindly for this information. Hoping the original turns up, but this is great to know. Thank you!

Anyone with metal detectors? I know this must be of tremendous sentimental value to you. Keep us posted. If I go out walking, I will surely look and keep my eyes peeled. So sorry that you cannot find it.

2 weeks ago

Are you on facebook? There are a lot of Hackettstown pages that you can post this on that could spread the word quickly!

kelleo22 kelleo22
2 weeks ago

I have seen it posted in a few places on Facebook. The post also details various other places it could be. Hopefully someone finds it and it is returned.

I believe that a very kind Panther Valley neighbor posted for me on several forums. I was only familiar for this one. ;). I am so very grateful for everyone keeping an eye out and suggestions. It is most welcome. Yes, very sentimental to me.

Kathryn Kathryn
1 week ago

Did you find your dads dog tags?

Jesse132 Jesse132
7 days ago

No still lost!!

Kathryn Kathryn
2 days ago

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