RIP Eddie van Halen

Another rock legend has passed away at the age of 65.

This one hurts - a lot. His music, his smile. Legend. Just heartbroken.

2 weeks ago

Weedwacker Weedwacker
2 weeks ago

A big one. I still remember buying their first CD due to a funny circumstance surrounding it. RIP, taken too young.

A guitar hero for sure. Greatest music videos to go with the music. It was an era...

For reals For reals
2 weeks ago

Not many I missed, VH was one if the few. Too young Eddie, rock on!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

One of the greatest guitarists ever. Absolute master and creative pioneer of his craft.

RIP Eddie.

It's official, you're a Guitar God now.

2 weeks ago

It's been a bad overall year in general , but in particular for celebrity deaths . Kirk Douglas , Diana Rigg , HOF pitchers Bob Gibson and Tom Seaver (2 of the top 5 best ever in anyone's ratings) , Brian Dennehy , Ruth Bader Ginsburg , Kenny Rogers , James Drury(The Virginian) Chadwick Boseman , Jerry Stiller , Bill Withers , Olivia De Haviland , Regis Philbin , Kobe Bryant , Neil Peart(drummer for Rush) , Robert Conrad , Mary Higgans Clark , Max von Sydow , and many others . And the year is not yet done !

RIP. You were one of the greatest. I have many great memories associated with Van Halen songs.

Calico696 Calico696
2 weeks ago


Let's not forget Dame Diana Rigg, who not only played Ms. Emma Peel, but also acted on "Game of Thrones" and was the only woman that James Bond ever married!

Also the legendary Helen Reddy, who just passed away last week at 78.

When we were in the college radio station and first played "Eruption", which led directly into their cover of the Kink's "You Really Got Me", we were blown away. We thought this new "Van Halen" band was really going to go somewhere. Yep, sure did!

Keith Richards is still here.

Rigg was second on the list , also the first Bond girl Honor Blackman , Kelly Preston , Phyllis George , Little Richard , the man who formed Fleetwood Mac Peter Green , Get Smart creator Buck Henry , comedy legend Carl Reiner , and today early reggae pioneer Johnny Nash passed . I heard his 1968 song below and was hooked , didn't know it was called reggae at the time , but I really liked it and played the 45 single over and over .

and this was his biggest hit ;

RIP Eddie Van Halen - (Van Halen 1 , I'm the one)

2 weeks ago

I'm learning that the hardest part about getting older is... you start "losing" people. Even tho I never knew EVH, I am a guitar player, he was of course a big deal to me because of that, 1984 and 5150 were huge players in the soundtrack of my youth. It does seem odd to have EVH gone, but Keith Richards still here (no offense Keith).

Just thinking in the last several years, from my youth...

Tom Petty
Neil Peart
Eddie Van Halen
George Michael
David Bowie
Glen Frey

...and more, not so much from my youth, but who I grew to appreciate in later years...
Merle Haggard
Leonard Cohen
Leon Russell
B.B. King
...and that's just the short list.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
2 weeks ago


That's funny, I read it 3-4 times forwards and backwards, and didn't see her name when I started writing. Go figure!


I so agree with Jefferson Republic.
It makes me so sad and borderline depressed to see so many great talents pass.

Not that it makes it any easier, but check out Taj Farrant on Facebook.
An upcoming real young talented man

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