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Are they closing the store on Mt Ave? Been looking at progress on McDonalds, but noticed signage down at pharmacy across the street today. What's up?

Rite Aide and Walgreen's merged a while back. I don't know if they're closing the store.
They may be replacing the sign.

Re: Rite Aide Pharmacy

They are rebranding. They have a plastic banner up at the moment. They have a new logo with a mortar and pestle.

Rite Aid and Walgreen's did not merge. That merger fell through. Instead Walgreens bought 1932 Rite Aid Stores leaving nearly 2500 Rite Aid stores alone.

Hackettstown Rite Aid was not part of that purchase and is remaining a Rite Aid. I believe all the remaining Rite Aids are just getting rebranded, none have annouced that they are closing

Here is the list of Rite Aids in NJ that were part of the purchase.

Thanks for the clarification, Jim L Some time ago, I was told by an employee at the Chester Rite Aid that they were purchased by Walgreen's. I mistakenly took that to mean that all of the Rite Aids had been sold.

Info on it


Rite Aid is just changing store colors
Someone I know works there thats how
I know. Their dress code is also.changing

“ Their dress code is also.changing”

We need a jacket and tie to enter?

Lamppost Lamppost
4 weeks ago

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