Laptops recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good laptop for school/graphic arts, for a senior in high school. Of course since school started my daughther’s chrome book decided to die. So i have been looking at Chromebooks vs. something Microsoft......any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks

Working in graphics I wonder if Macs still rule (on laps) I found this.

A Chromebooks is not for someone going into graphic arts. Look into universities with programs and see what they use. We have two in our family and both use only Macs. If it's for doing graphics and to go into design/graphics, I can't imagine anyone saying Chromebook for that. I love Chromebook, but you can't do what you can do on MS or Macs with them.

September 20th

Your budget will play a huge factor. How much do you want to spend - $500? $1,000?

I recently purchased a Lenova Chromebook......don't make the same mistake as i did... threw away almost $300!!

Lenovo's are great systems when you get into their business class Thinkpad series. As a Chromebook, I'd imagine others are better. As DogDay mentioned, Chromebooks are NOT for graphic arts software, though.


My niece, who has a degree in Graphic Arts from Pace University uses a Mac, or at least had been when I last saw her. If your daughter wants to plan for present and future usage, that may be the likely route to go (if possible), rather than buying something just for the interim.

Would personally not recommend a Mac due to paying more for less nor a chromebook due to its lack or system resources. Would go with a midrange intel processor (i5 or greater) with an independent graphics card and at least 8gb of system memory. An solid state hard drive (ssd) is definitely a plus but not a necessity. There is definitely some wiggle room there but think that’s a pretty good place to start.

Regrandomguy Regrandomguy
September 21st

RegrandomGuy is right except, if you buy a laptop with a dedicated graphics card it’s going to be a “gaming laptop“ with WAY more punch than you need for school. That is, unless your graphic design is editing videos.

The mid range i5, 8gb ram and SSD is great but going with any of the i5 mobile (“T”) processors will give you onboard graphics processing which is fine for what you’re doing.

The cheapest “Pre built” laptop with a dedicated GPU would be at least $900. But you can get the i5, 8gb and ssd in a machine for $500-$600. Also, in my opinion, the SSD (solid state drive) is going to be the single most important component for speed and usability with normal computing. Turning the laptop on and loading the OS will be 9 seconds instead of 45 seconds. Programs/software will open and load MUCH faster.

—TLDR: unless you’re gaming or editing video a dedicated graphics card is not needed.

September 21st

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