Does anyone know if you can recycle old power tools ?

Hello All,

Thought that I would check with the H'town community for this as I have had no luck myself.
Does anyone know if you can recycle old power tools?
I have an old drill, jigsaw, and sander (plug in models, not cordless) as well as an old cordless drill, that no longer work.
I thought that I would try and have them recycled rather than just throwing them out.
Home depot will accept the battery from the cordless drill, but nothing else, and I have "googled" without any success.

Just thought I would try, thanks

Craigslist or classifieds here. Otherwise garbage.

Sacks cousin
September 20th

Green Vision in Randolph on Route 10. It is a program that trains individuals with autism to disassemble “anything with a plug” in order to recycle it. Their website is GVINC.ORG.
The items you described would be free although there is a charge for anything containing Freon. It’s a little bit out of the way but it’s an excellent program.

where do you live, i will take the tools and batteries

Nick Russo Nick Russo
September 21st

Give Dan a call at Get a Grip and More in Washington and see if he is interested in taking them off of your hands.

Abilities in Washington has a similar program as the one in Randolph. But when we checked into them during the lockdown, they weren’t accepting anything. Maybe now they will?

I second Green Visions and Abilities. I’ve seen these individuals in action. Great program.

Hello All,

Just FYI, Green visions does accept these tools, and cordless / battery operated tools for recycling. You can just drop them off at their facility, there is a bin outside.

Thank you for your offer Nick, I had already dropped the tools off this morning.

Thank you for your help and feedback.

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Re: Does anyone know if you can recycle old power tools ?
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