Vinyl window painter

I know there are other painter threads, but we are looking for someone who is familiar with paintng vinyl windows. Any recommendations? Thanks!

I would think any quality painter should be able to prepare and paint multiple types of surfaces. I would doubt highly there is a vinyl painter as a specialist.

There are a bunch of threads with painting contractor recommendations. Also a few often advertise in the classified section here on HL.

Are they Andersen windows? I had a similar question a few days ago and contacted Andersen about painting the vinyl exterior of my gliding deck door. It was installed in 2004, Terratone color. I’m redoing my deck in composite decking and wanted to paint the door to compliment the new deck. The Andersen website had a section listing spray paint colors for touchups. I spoke to customer service and received this email: “Andersen does not recommend painting the exteriors or vinyl and Fibrex interiors of our products as they are designed with a low maintenance covering, we have no instructions. Should painting of the product cause a related issue it would not be covered under warranty. If painting of the product is necessary, you would then follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Thank you, Andersen Corporation” I’m still trying to decide if I should paint the door or just leave it the ugly Terratone color.

1 week ago

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