Marine/Outboard mechanic

Having a little problem with my outboard.......will stay on with choke engaged. Once choke is disengaged it'll die. Guessing some sort of carb issue. I tried marinas all over lake hopatcong, budd lake and easton. Everybody's backed up till October. Any local knowledgeable boat enthusiasts out there?

Warren County Life Warren County Life
2 weeks ago

Doesn't need to be a boat mech to understand engine operation.

By choking a carb you are restricting air- enriching the fuel mixture.

Pull the carb, disassemble, soak, clean jets, reassemble.

Back in business.

But if you are only plan on hitting the lake 1-2 times again before winter...might be more trouble than it is worth...and then let it sit all winter again.

How big of a boat? Do you have a garage and basic tools?

I'd be tempted to tear down, clean now and wait for spring.

It's a 16ft. Trihull with a 9.8 Tohatsu outboard. Will try and run some seafoam through it again with choke engaged. Not exactly mechanically inclined enough to disassemble and put together a carb. Would pay you if you're willing to give it a shot?

Warren County Life Warren County Life
2 weeks ago

Sorry- I have too many projects and not enough time as it is.

I would advise Berrymans over Seafoam if you are attempting to get it running again without a teardown.

Even if you still only get it to run with the choke on - as long as you manage to fill the float bowl with this in it- and let it sit- try again the next day...

Works very well-

Will definitely give it a shot!! Thanks for the tip Josh. Will let you know how it goes..

Warren County Life Warren County Life
2 weeks ago

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