RIP Murray, the dog.

RIP Murray, the dog.

Because he was the community dog 11 years ago and so many people have followed his story, I only feel it appropriate to post this. And fair warning... It will be long because he deserves it.

And for those who don't know the story... In 2009, I found out there was a stray dog living in some woods in town thanks to this forum. He brought so many people together and formed so many bonds because we all wanted the same thing for him. I was committed to earning his trust and catching him. Once I caught him, he lasted one week in a foster home before my parents let me keep him.

Over the past 11 years, no matter what was going on in our lives - good, bad, or ugly - Murray was there to show his unconditional love, loyalty, and comfort. He made every single person who walked into the house feel like they were the most important.

That's what dogs do...Provide so much love without ever expecting anything in return. Murray crossed the rainbow bridge Thursday but I know that he felt that same unconditional love every day since he entered our lives. If only he knew that not only his immediate family cared for him but the entire community.

I will be forever grateful to my parents for not only letting me keep him (and then telling me I wasn't allowed to ever take him whenever I moved out), but for keeping him safe and healthy after being diagnosed with FOUR different autoimmune diseases. Checking his blood several times a day, vet appointments every week, holistic medication, real medication, keeping binders upon notebooks of data on him, homemade dog food... I could go on and on. And I'm even more grateful that they knew it was the right call to end his suffering on Thursday.

Run free, Mur man. We find comfort in knowing you're no longer suffering, you have your vision back, no more seizures, no more autoimmune diseases, and you and Rocco are together again. Love you forever

Re: RIP Murray, the dog.

I am sure my parents will post eventually but they're struggling. It's been a rollercoaster... One minute feeling comfort knowing he's at peace, and the next crying our eyes out.

I know many of you wanted me to write a book on Murray's story. I wrote it about 2 years ago. I'm going to now ask around to see if anyone who has a talent in art, wants to help me put illustrations to it, then I will self publish and print a handful of copies - for our family to have and anyone in the community who wants one. I just want to finish this project because I can't think of a better tribute to our guy.

We also want to give Dr. Michelle Hewitt and all of Tranquility Vet a HUGE shout out for becoming like family and always taking such great care of Murray. They are INCREDIBLE. We can't thank everyone enough for following his story, checking in on him, and praying for him when it was needed. We are so thankful that we always had a town of people to fill in on Murray and his progress. THANK YOU ALL!

So sad to hear this. You gave Murray more than most.

Beautifully written love story............What a lucky dog he was and what a lucky family yours was to have him

A heartbreaking loss. I'm sorry to gear he is gone. Thank you for being his rescuer and family!

I remember following his nail biting rescue story way back then. Somehow he found the most perfect family to be part of. And I was so happy to hear he was under the watchful eye of Dr. Hewitt and her staff at Tranquility Vet Clinic - been with them for 40 years for my animal family members. I am so sorry for your loss, he really was a special guy. The best fuzzy face ever!

RIP, and you are blessed for your caring.

I am very happy to know such a great joy was brought to you, your family, everyone that came around Murray!!

I never met him- but I can see the happiness in his face!

He had a great life!

Wow, really sorry to hear of Murray's passing, but I'm sure you all knew it was an act of love for him before he suffered any more. Too many people try to keep their loved ones around for themselves, more than in the interest of a "longer" (yet more painful) life, than in the interest of what their family member is suffering through. I know personally that's a very hard balance to strike, having gone through it a number of times myself.

You did what was best in HIS interest, honoring the great family member he had become, from the once skittish little guy that was extremely hard to catch! I remember his story from those earlier days of HL and was very glad he'd found a forever home with people who could both bring out the best in him, as he would in them. Best of luck in writing the book, I'm sure he'd look amazing in a good artist's rendering with his awesome hair and expressive eyes! Virtual hugs to you all and thanks for updating us all. Rest in Peace, furry Murray man!

Thank you to you and your family for taking care and loving Murray all these years...He has now crossed over the rainbow bridge with all of our pets who have left before us. R.I.P. Murray

oh no.... run free, Murray.

"I know heaven is a beautiful place because they have my dog."

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
3 weeks ago

So sorry to hear of your loss of Murray. I loved your stories about him. May he rest in peace knowing he had the hearts of many folks.

Peggy C. Peggy C.
3 weeks ago

Always loved Murray, even not having met him. Peaceful passage to the next your next adventure.

Blessings to you and your family

Awww, sweet Murray. May you rest in peace. My heart goes out to you and your family, Anom.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. The challenge of catching Murray was the first things I remember about HL. It was a true story of people coming together for a common goal, get that dog. Hugs from Clyde and I to you and your family.

Murray was certainly the community dog. When he was living in the woods, I heard he would stop by M&Ms for breakfast. Later he would stop by our apartment complex. We, including others would feed him, though he wouldn't eat hot dogs. Then on to Enzo's where he would have some pizza.
Everyone loved him. We will never forget you Murray.

Barbara Abrams Barbara Abrams
2 weeks ago

So sorry to read about the loss of sweet Murray. Sending your family lots of love.

Perhaps a middle school or HS student could help you with the illustrations? Another way to include the community in Murray's life and passing. RIP Murray


2 weeks ago


Such a sad yet heartwarming story. Dogs will only break your heart once and that's when they die. Animal lovers are some of the best kind of people. There's another one out there that probably needs you too.

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