Return to School

How is it that we are only days away from Warren Hils opening and the plan to open in a hybrid mode gets shelved and we go full remote until the 17th because they have a teacher shortage due to 31 teachers taking Covid leave. This is a sh@t show.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
3 weeks ago

Probably a teacher needs to answer. They are afraid of getting sick, and Sept 17 is probably when their paid sick days are used. Could teachers have advised the district sooner without being disciplined? Lots of opportunity out there for recent graduates with degrees in education!

I would call the district directly. There are last minute switches everywhere as this is new to everyone. Convenient? No. But let’s try and put ourselves in the teacher’s shoes. If your job could affect your health, how would you feel?

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

My niece, a teacher in a place with very low rt and positive rates, is scared to death about returning. Living with her 70-year old Mother, it is a matter of life and death. Her Governor, last Thursday, suddenly announced new metrics, said schools not offering in-person capabilities, was unacceptable just a few days before school reopening. Many of the "offenders" are the densely populated counties.

So far, most of the school districts, done at the county level, have told the governor to pound sand and are continuing with the plans in place.

In the time of covid, it is very tough when many of our leaders are discounting science and medicine in favor of political posturing. If these teachers, like my niece, are scared ----- they have ever right to be. Who is watching out for them unless it is them. Our colleges are already highlighting the fallacies of returning too soon and too reckless. Since this story was printed only days ago, the numbers continue to swell:

As the outbreaks spread, the colleges close down, send the kids home, exactly what science says not to do. Do not send the infected all over America, that's not good policy based on science..... Why did high rates like Georgia think they could reopen?

Here, in Warren County, I have great news. While Rt is higher in other counties, about a .96 across the state, we are at .8 which means we are on a downwards trend. For every 100 infections, only 80 more will be spawned, and then 64 from that and so on and so on. However, the worm can turn in a second with a single crowded event; Sussex is the highest county Rt at 1.39, Hudson, so close to NYC is .7. That means for every 100 infected in Sussex, another 139 will be hit shortly. They are close and we can't keep them out.

So, IMO, I can understand teachers being cautious and have zero issue with them exercising their legal rights.

Personally, if I were King, I would keep High Schoolers, and perhaps a few grades down, kids who can stay at home without 24x7 parental supervision and who can social media their fellow students, at home for now and use the extra space to spread out the younger folks in school. I would use Kahn Academy or other resources for online materials and instruction with remote teachers providing one-on-one or small pod remote interactive sessions. While it's only a couple of semesters, who knows, we might discover than hybrid learning is both effective and less expensive too as perhaps something we evolve to, perhaps not 100%, but perhaps at some level.

But I am not King. So, as a citizen, I support the teachers in this regard.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

Districts all over the state/country are facing similar problems. Mount Olive was forced to change grades 6-12 to fully remote through the first semester as they've had 150+ teacher leave requests. Paramus School District was set to start this week hybrid and pulled the plug on Monday due to teacher's union disputes. It's happening everywhere and shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone. A disappointment, yes, but surprise, no.

"But let’s try and put ourselves in the teacher’s shoes. If your job could affect your health, how would you feel?"

I'm sorry For Reals but have people not been working this whole time during covid? Factory workers, Warehouse workers, grocery store workers? The melodrama coming from the Teachers has got to stop.

The college classes are going to have to add another course or two .... Teaching during a pandemic!!!!

Time to bust up the teachers unions. They can’t hold the kids hostage because they’re afraid of catching the virus. As Jim said, people have been working nonstop since March and the teachers should be expected to do the same.

3 weeks ago

#1 Why aren't teachers considered an essential workers?

#2 Why do they get this special leave option...if they can get it, people in corporate america and other essential workers should be able to get it as well if their company says they "must return to work".

#3 This is life and the new norm...get used to it.

3 weeks ago

It's ridiculous. These teachers waited until the 11 hour to make these decisions? They've known for at least a month that there was going to be a hybrid model and it would require them to come to work. The district has met all standards and guidelines in order to safely conduct in-class instruction. I have found over the past couple of months there are 3 types of people, 1) those that want to return to work, 2) those that do not due to legitimate concerns or reasons, and 3) those are resistant to all the change and inconvenience that can hide behind these circumstances (there is also a small subset of this group that just look at teleworking as a long term vacation).

Life changes happen. Just like any other job or industry, if it does not work for you or your family, then resign. There are plenty willing to fill your shoes. The problem is these open positions are temporary and as soon as these teachers "feel safe" to come back, their jobs will be eliminated. It's not very attractive to a recent graduate to take on a job with zero long or even short term potential.

Murphy really screwed everyone in this situation. He mandates all districts provide in-class instruction, then rescinds it for districts that cannot meet the standards and guidelines. He also allowed extended use of family leave, putting these districts into this position opening the door for teachers (likely union driven) to essentially walk out and force remote instruction across the board. And you know the group this hurts the most, the single mother's and father's that need to go to work, are living paycheck to paycheck in working class jobs.

My question is where will these teachers be on September 8th now that Warren Hills will be all remote? I sure hope that won't be back teaching after they've sent there letters...

Mango Robo call already confirming a Covid case in the high school on day one. So far their game plan failed. 3 hours in. This won’t make it a week.

There’s a reason it’s nearly impossible to get hired as a teacher. It’s one of the most kush jobs out there.

Philliesman Philliesman
3 weeks ago

First day of school - Just picked up my grandson from hackettstown high - school closing - they said someone tested positive - and he has to quarentine for two weeks - I'm guessing this is the entire school
thought you had to have a test to find out if you are positive. I don't think they are giving tests in school - so how would you test positive without a test. dol they consider you as positive with just a temperature check or one of the symptoms?

I agree with Jim. Get back to work my family has multiple teachers and they happen to be there everyday....

marjon - perhaps an irresponsible parent sent their child to school after their child was tested for covid but did not receive results until after they went to school today.

It's just the students who were in close contact with the Covid positive for more than 10 minutes that need to quarantine.

3 weeks ago

How does the school know he or she has covid?

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
3 weeks ago

Actually just read elsewhere that the student was at the hospital yesterday for something not related to Covid and the hospital automatically tested everyone. Parents had no reason to suspect Covid.

3 weeks ago

Marjon two cases close the district. Not one.

If someone is tested, like the student who went to the hospital for non covid related issues, that means they were in contact with someone who tested positive and should have automatically quarantined for 14 days, or at least until they were cleared with negative results. This is for public health and safety, not a punishment. That parent endangered students, teachers, parents, administration, when there are resources to learn virtually until the results are known. Irresponsible parenting and citizenship.

just found out -my grandson's class has to quarantine for 2 weeks - not entire school.

So the kid is asymptomatic I'm assuming

sunshine sunshine
3 weeks ago

Geekmom- Being tested at the hospital has no bearing on whether you have been in contact with someone who had Covid. I was recently treated in the ER, no symptoms and no contact with anyone having Covid and the doctor still ordered two Covid tests, an oral swab and a nasal swab.

Michelle O Michelle O
3 weeks ago

Pending test results Nothing else matters where, when, why at this point. Complete negligence & lack of concern on this families part without a definitive test result. Period. Selfish on the students part, for as a HS student, old enough to understand the ramifications even if there was zero doubt of a positive result. Their decision today was irresponsible & has already impacted many on day ONE.

It's just the students who were in close contact with the Covid positive for more than 10 minutes that need to quarantine. - Really?? sadly "just these students" could potentially bring it home, let's not forget that important piece of the puzzle.

Hackettstown Tigers Hackettstown Tigers
3 weeks ago

Michelle O - I agree, it may not have been due to contact but disagree that they are testing randomly. Whether there was a symptom that in some way could be related to the growing list of covid symptoms or something that stood out on a patients history or intake questionnaire, something led to that test. Also, if there is a possibility of being admitted a test is ordered. How about considering the safety of others and waiting for test results before contact. We know there are asymptomatic carriers. Let's just be kind and think of others, it is the only way we will get through this.

My daughter who is a Senior at the HS was one that was sent home today. She was in same gym as the girl but never was near her. All kids were in their masks. Its just the ignorant parenting that can now potentially hurt my family who I have protected from this for the last 6 months!!
I actually feel very bad for the school and administration as I do feel they have worked hard to protect our children trying to make school safe.....then this bull@#%$!!

Consigliere so not true. False. You would feel differently if a loved one passed. Bless you that you don’t know the pain. The horror of this virus. Bless you.

Sister Jane
3 weeks ago

Philliesman, obviously, you are not a teacher or know anyone who is. You just made a most ridiculous statement! Try it for a couple of weeks and let me know. I know people who have made teaching a career, it is very difficult. You have to deal with the superintendent, Board of Ed, parents, supervisors and the children. Each one usually wants something from you and it is usually something different. Do it for a while! Good luck!

All students and faculty in class or on bus with a confirmed case are quarantined for 14 days. That means the bus driver also who usually has another run for the grammar schools after the high school .

Sister Jane, that is true. It may not be what “your” news is telling you, but it’s accurate. My loved ones who are a high risk stay home and self isolate. You should advise your high risk family members to do the same.

3 weeks ago

I think a lot of peoples anger toward teachers here misguided, and I'm saying this as someone who isn't a teacher or know one. I think you are more angry at their safety net and that other workers do not have such benefits. Schools are open because parents have to work. We should all be able to keep our family safe in these times but unfortunately that is not how it works here. Just food for thought.

That’s fine, Iampc. Have my town send me a rebate for the school taxes I paid and I’ll hire grad student to tutor. Of course, this means not paying the teachers in order to save that money.

3 weeks ago

It is so disheartening to see and hear people disregard the safety of those who teach our most precious gifts. Teachers come into contact with so many children- and kids are not objects. They are living beings that are constantly in need of assistance and attention. They need someone to hold their hand, lean over to hear them whisper, console them when they cry. They are not slabs of meat. Teachers also have families. They open themselves up to teach your children every day. So instead of lashing out and bad mouthing teachers, consider that they are there for our children. I saw smiling eager faces when I brought my child to school. A student has already tested positive in HHS. Teachers are human beings also with concerns about their own well being and their families wellbeing. If they have a system to help them look out for their safety, ok! Those who so easily bad mouth teachers, volunteer to help. I’m sure our teachers and schools need your assistance and support now more than ever. When I saw my child’s teacher today, I gave a smile and said thank you. To those teachers who need to be more careful for whatever health concerns they have, many appreciate you just the same. To some on here being critical, try to show some kindness because it will help all of us in these times.

A kush job? Really? Unless you are in their shoes or personally know a teacher and what they are going through, you are in no position to speak to their jobs.

It's like the science disbelievers. Unless they get covid or know someone personally who has it, they will continue to disbelieve and hate.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

First of all teachers did not wait till the last minute to ask for leave; their districts waited until the last minute to unveil the reopening plans required by the state.
As for all of you that have your smart remarks about the teaching profession, grow up and get informed. I hope your offspring aren’t as entitled delusional or disrespectful as you, but I guess they probably are. Hard to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and after reading some of your comments the sow should be insulted

Kathleen Kathleen
3 weeks ago

Please be considerate, here is the story first hand.

I sure hope the young girl is ok! God bless her!

Don't worry too much about what's going on in the school. Today in town (Hackettstown) I saw several groups (5-7 in each group) of kids on main street walking together without their masks on. They obviously were not from the same family. So keeping them socially distanced and wearing face masks in school is not going to help if they get out of school and do this. It's just a matter of time.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
3 weeks ago


Did you read the article?? How is that “ignorant parenting” exactly? The poor girl had ZERO symptoms and was mandatory tested in order to be treated at the hospital for something else! I work in the medical industry and I’ll tell you right now without a doubt that more kids are asymptotic carriers in the school and they did not get it from her. This is how it is everywhere right now.
I never thought it was a good idea to open schools but here we are so we in the medical field have been preparing for the spike for over a month now. We know it’s coming. For those that wanted schools open, don’t you dare say a damn word about situations such as these because if you seriously thought that this WASN'T going to happen then you are delusional.
My heart is with that poor girl and her family right now not only because they are dealing with Covid but because they will now have to deal with some of the bullying kids and ignorant and heartless parents in this community. Nice right?

We keep making the same mistakes expecting different outcomes. The world would laugh at us if they weren’t already crying. Every other country had one wave, we’ve had two and are looking for a third!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

Walking girl,

Exactly. I’ve been seeing teenagers gathering together outside every evening since March. And people want to throw this girl and her parents under the bus? HA! Take a look in the mirror. The kids have all been hanging out in close groups for months and then they come home to their parents. Greeaattt.
Also, Geekmom, you could not be any more wrong. 1. I guarantee YOU have been in close contact with someone who had Covid (tested or not) and you had no clue. Just because this girl got Covid does not, in any way, mean that she was knowingly in close contact with someone who TESTED positive. 2. I work in the health industry and, yes, if you go to the ER for ANY reason you WILL receive a covid test if you expect to be treated. Period. It’s hospital protocol. With that said, if I have zero covid symptoms and I decide to get tested bout of sheer curiosity does that mean that I’m irresponsible if I go about my normal daily routine while waiting for results? Even if I am continuing to practice social distancing and wear my mask as I always do? No. You do not need to quarantine if you are symptom free and given a test as just a safety protocol measure. So let’s not make this poor families struggles even worse by spreading false information and pointing fingers. Like I said above... we’ve been preparing for this to happen for the past month. It’s inevitable.


Yup. Agreed. It’s embarrassing.

I actually work in a school, although I am not a teacher, I am support staff (IT).

Until recently, yes, I can agree with some of the above posters, that the teachers I interact with have various levels of interest in the job, and some are on auto pilot trying to get to the end game, retirement.

But, that is a small percentage. Again, I come from corporate, where I did not have as high of a regard for the work ethic of the teachers that I support.

But, with what is going on now, these teachers, and I mean all of them, old and young, have had to learn a new way to teach, called hybrid learning, meaning teaching in person and also to kids at home.

And, it has shown me that the vast majority have risen to the challenge, are NOT paycheck collectors as I once and a few of you still believe. I see it, so those of you that have your opinions, I will stand here and tell you, you are wrong.

They have succeeded in grasping and succeeding in using remote teaching tools, honestly, I didnt think they could do it, but they did, with a surprisingly few amount of technical questions.

And, those districts that cannot start with hybrid learning, or in person learning, your forgetting one thing. The more teachers that will choose to not come into school, due to various reasons, health, family members have actually died, yes, actual teachers have had family members die from true Covid virus situation, the teachers still need to be replaced by someone to sit in a class and supervise those students.

A teacher can teach at home, to kids in a class, but someone, called a Substitute teacher, needs to be present to supervise the kids. Call it a glorifed baby sitter, but a sub still needs to be in the room, to cover for the teacher at home.

So, where are all these subs coming from? Answer, there arent enough to go around, so you are having districts at the last minute have to change their plans.

And folks, I am not a left leaning crybaby, so take what I say as truth, as I see it every day. I work in the environment that you are all talking about, and yes, as a staff, I am wearing a real uncomfortable mask, makes my nose sore as heck, and googles, that steam up. And yes, I worked all summer.

But, trust me, the teachers are doing a good job here, under really strange conditions.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
3 weeks ago

When we rounded the Morristown green last week, while I can understand the unmasking for dining, the streets were full of the unmasked. And their numbers reflect it.

The difference in our .8 Rt and a major spike can be one large unmasked session. And then you’re Florida.

I say Murphy has done a good job and has been brave to make tough choices as the data changes. He’s chosen public safety over political points. If we stay vigilant, we can further the reopening, if we screw it up, he’s got the stones to close us down. Be smart. Be safe.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

On the flip side, those teachers may have tested positive for Covid or they may have come in contact with someone who does. Either way, they would need to be quarantined for 2 weeks.

Going by the time frame of 2 weeks, I bet that's the reason why.

3 weeks ago


My daughter is a sophomore and when I picked her up today, she told me someone tested positive and was sent home along with the students/teachers in his or her classes. The school remains open. They wouldn't close a school because of one child.

3 weeks ago

StrangerDanger: I’m with you. Complete embarrassment at the National temper tantrums over masks and safety precautions while the world looks on bewildered.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

damn it..
put on a mask and social distance...this is the least you can do with 180K, dead.

freedom12 freedom12
3 weeks ago

The original post was not to complain about teachers taking leave, it is well within their right. The intent was about the 11th hour BS that is going on and the leaders not knowing what’s going on within their own environment and the lack of planning. Yes the situation is dynamic but there is a complete lack of engagement within the leadership at the schools and those who work for them. They have had months to plan and this is what we get.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
3 weeks ago

Again Bob, I noted my niece’s state where the governor changed the game last Thursday. It’s coming from all sides but it starts with our leaders. In the time of covid, all stakeholders are making decisions and changing plans at the last second. The entire situation, facts, and stats have been fluid and the politicization of medical and scientific factoids has further muddied any decision process. Murphy holding on restaurant opening days before so that owners got caught with food in the fridge. The President cutting testing to make the numbers look better for his election. All of this stuff makes decision making hard and certainly not timely.

Not to mention the politicization of governmental organizations like the CDC, FDA, etc. pushing life saving therapeutics that aren’t, changing stats to make things look better when they aren’t, denying testing to lower positives, this means we cannot trust them anymore which slows our decision making.

All I see is that the teachers want to work, they hoped saner minds would prevail and when they didn’t, they pulled the rip cord at the last second before crash n burn. Sad, but frankly the school managers had to know it was coming and they too waited until it happened rather than contingency planning for it. Everyone is caught in this time of covid.

Now we wait for the spikes and hope it happens over there and not over here. But it will happen. The same mistake all over again. It’s too early in many places, at least according to science and medicine. While our Rt and positive rate says open, in Sussex, the answer should be no. It’s that close to us.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

StrangerDanger and For Reals,

I 100% agree. He’s been doing great given the very tough job at hand. The complaining about masks and the right to be selfish is just nauseating. I’m still surprised every day at how awful people are being.

Wow.....Apparently being told to wear a mask is the same as reinstating the draft.

Massive numbers going on leave, speaks for itself.

@craftbeerbob and stranger danger:

Totally agree that leadership trickles down and due to lack of solid leadership, districts are left to scramble by the ever-changing rules and guidelines. Frustrating, yes. Without leadership, we are left to fend for ourselves and often that means survival, right down to deciding whether to wear a mask, or heading into a classroom that might have poor ventilation or kids who may have attended a major party but remain mum about it.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

According to the CDC, close contact is within 6 ft of a person for 15 mins or more. At one point, I do think they said 10 mins but I am not sure since guidelines have changed frequently as more is learned. Inside vs outside might also be different. It is not made up. It is called science. The more we learn, guidelines will change, just like everything else. As more and more schools reopen and we see spikes in areas the more they will change. We will, as we should, use guidance from areas that seem to have it under control. Let us hope that our area will be a guiding light!

I’m not sure we can call the CDC science anymore. They have made some questionable statements, backtracks, and observations lately that smack of politicization. The recent call that those close to those testing positive don’t need testing unless showing symptoms flies in the face of earlier statements like the time/distance rule. When you’re trying to bring down the curve, most scientists believe more testing, not less, is one of the most proactive things you can do. Even makes common sense that more testing is better than less.

So, I would double source these guys as well as the FDA, DOJ, and other Federal acronyms in rhe time of covid.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

O geeze, "as the science changes" just wow.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
3 weeks ago

Granted I understand how the CDC currently seems to be working for the government and not the people. But I think the 10 mins was from earlier during this pandemic when they seemed more about the science and helping the population. I am pretty sure the 15 mins is a recent extension that becomes questionable. I had heard the 6 feet and a certain length of time for a long time. I am sure you can contract it faster or might not get it in the same vicinity for hours, but the longer you are in close proximity to a person, the more likely you are to have some kind of contact with a fluid from that person to contract it. Those numbers comes from the odds of it happening. Hope everyone was wearing their masks correctly so no one gets it feom this one poor child. I guess only time will tell!

Not sure what you saying but on this one, the science does change as more data comes in; the next change IMO is that younger people are at risk, will die, will survive with lifelong complications, just at lower levels while median age of death will trend much lower.

Am I going to hell for my feelings when NJ fell off the top Five infection state list..... Once number two for many months, we’re now number 8 and NC should make us number nine, number nine, number nine in three weeks or less. Yes, I shouldn’t feel positive except for the fact that we did share our experience, our approach, and our results.

Stay safe, be careful out there. This great weekend is going to test us. It’s tough, but we know what to do, how to win. Masks, distance, wash those hands, and be prudent.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

Yes. Let’s be vigilant. Put your mask to the task and stay safe so we can continue to reopen.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

What about all those 18-20 year old kids that have worked at DD serving coffee for minimum wage? Or the guy pumping gas? The cashier at Walmart? They have quite a few interactions on a daily basis. They need to pay their bills and so they put on their big girl pants and work. Teachers on the other hand had a six month vacation and don’t feel like going back to work because they’ll get paid either way. If their pay was tied to attendance, or their job was on the line, they’d be there opening day. Bright and early. Everyone else is working every day. Teachers should too.

3 weeks ago

I feel the same about the age trend SD and myself am wondering if the low youth was from lack of testing during the first wave, the fact that they were staying home, or maybe the mutations of this virus have made youth more vulnerable. I am concerned about my young ones, who might get it, be asymptomatic, but still have chronic conditions later from it. As we learn more, the virus is changing so it makes it challenging.
Most of the teachers I know are just as, if not more, concerned about the risk to their students over themselves. The schools that are not all remote now are the guinea pigs for those who stayed remote. They will learn and changed their plans based on what is happening in schools. It is good to see that in NJ, they do have many precautions in place unlike other states that are having so many positive cases and are doing nothing to change.

Respectfully, the teachers have not been on a six-month vacation. Who do you think was on the other side of the Zoom classes every day? My daughter is a teacher, she had to quickly get up to speed with how to conduct classes on-line, prepare lesson plans that would work well for all her students, spent hours every day teaching on Zoom, did one-on-one with students who needed some extra time, while also overseeing her own children's classes. She was determined to go back to the classroom, despite fears of what was ahead for her & her family, but her district has opted for on-line only for now. As her mother, I breathed a sigh of relief, but who knows what's going to happen from here. I haven't seen her or my grandchildren since March, but I'm in my 70's, so we are playing it safe. And I understand about others doing jobs that expose them to risk. My other children are doctors & essential workers. Never thought all my "kids" (all in their 40's) would be on the front lines of such an unexpected war. I just pray for everyone to stay healthy & safe through this.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

So I guess the rest of us working from home were on a six month vacation as well. And compared to teachers, some of who had to zoom and relearn the job from a distance, we were on vacation. Unless you know a teacher or have empathy, you should think before you judge.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

I don't think it's judging it's just making a point, every person that had to stay at work as essential have been putting themselves at risk every day. Teachers are essential last I have heard. If they don't wanna work because there scared of the virus, they should be banned from going to the grocery store.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
3 weeks ago

Ummm... not the kind of risk that a teacher would be in. Schools are responsible for flu, strep, and all kind of other illness every single year. Show me an office or Shoprite that dies that. Simple science. Schools and kids spread more germs than most places.

I know lots of o pop woolens who work and working at a DD drive thru is not the same as spending 4-7 hours a day with a variety of kids and trying to keep everything clean etc. anyone who thinks teachers were on a vacation or don’t have a right to be concerned doesn’t know anything!!! And if a teacher does not want to work they won’t be getting paid! People are so judgey and mean!!!!

Large groups of people coming into contact with each other is the main vector of the spread of viruses. Shop rite is not immune to virus. That’s just a silly statement that schools are the only vector.

For clarity, my sister is a guidance counselor at a high school. She has returned to work but about 10-15% of her co workers have chosen to stay home. Her and the rest of the faculty are not happy with the 10-15% that chose to stay home. My sister realizes her chances of getting sick have increased by her returning to work. That’s obvious. She (and the rest of the faculty and staff) are also aware that returning to work is not the death sentence that the 10-15% want you to believe it is. So, this point of view is coming from someone who actually works at a school and rejected the notion of staying home because they care about being dedicated members of the education system and actually teaching kids.

3 weeks ago

Wow Consigliere! I know lots of teachers and many of them are completely understanding of people not feeling comfortable coming back. What the heck does, It’s not a death sentence like the 10-15% who are not working would like you to believe? No one knows and everyone has their own comfort level and who are you to judge!! I personally know someone whose 44 year old perfectly healthy cousin died from the virus. Some people take the small risk and are fine and others are very worried. Everyone is different. Again. People are so judge mental!!!!

@Brenda: save yourself some time and let the haters hate. I’ve tried reasoning as well and it’s exhausting. Closed minds are closed minds.

And the 10-15 percent consigliere is referring to is in his sister’s school, the way I understand.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

For Reals. I know he meant the teachers from his sisters school but saying that the teachers not working want us to believe it’s a death sentence is just stupid!!! People are afraid and it’s not for no reason!!! It affects everyone different. Thanks for the support!

I am disgusted by the way our children have become pawns in school re -opening
You cannot expect a kindergartner to sit in front of a computer without the help of an adult
My grandkids are in a district that had 15 covid cases and zero deaths
And yet the school is doing remote learning 2 days
And 2 days of in class but in class is only from 8-1230
Emails to principal go unanswered
I went to help my daughter the first day of school because it was remote
And she has a 5 yr old and 7 yr old snd 2 year old
I can tell you it was a complicated process logging on getting iinto email
Following links etc
2 kids where my daughter ran back snd forth between computers as instructior while i watched the 2 year old
Then of course also the back snd forth with the teacher in emails
After completing one of assigned lessons my daughter was emailed that the teacher had given the wrong lesson
It was actually another one!

The kindergartener was not happy and i could see his disappointment
The second grader was anxious and needed guidance Continually

My daughter is working from home but had no time for that as she had become an instructor full time for the day

I realize teachers have concerns about this virus but whatever happened to following the data
The pediatric association said kids should be back in school
The benefits outweigh the risks

I believe at least this school district should of prepared Better
And opened giving parents the choice of sending kids Back to school

But I know this has become political
How is it we can go to shoprite ior Walmart doctors offices Home depot etc
But we cannot open schools safely
Then give parents refund on taxes so they can send their kids to a school that is opened
If this continues i think parents will look for other options

I still contend that schools can open safely
Please font lecture me on putting myself in a teachers shoes as I am immune compromised
And i would volunteer to help in the school if it means opening school in class
Our children are going to be the ones that suffer in many ways

People like to judge without knowing these people's personal reasons. We don't know underlying issues in their home or if they have children at home they are concerned about. I went back to work this week with 2 small children. I only went back because I have been watching the county numbers carefully. If we start seeing a spike, I will re-evaluate. I can't necessarily afford it but I will do what I have to to protect my children. Nothing is more important thannpur health.

It’s not a death sentence.
Russian Roulette is a more accurate comparison.

@eliz: I get your frustration yet I still think it’s not safe yet to totally reopen. There’s asymptotic carriers, and like many days, we don’t know home situations of teachers, if they have I’ll parents, young children, etc.

Numbers may be down now but who knows what is to come with flu season.

All it takes is one teacher to come to school I’ll and then lawsuits will begin, or one child.

There really is no winning in this for anyone which is why we have to be cautious.

And as far as government recommendations or the pediatric association, I believe none of it given the pressure they are under to deny science.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

The asymptomatic carriers seem to be the kids. They seem to be passing it to other kids and adults which is the problem. Teachers are in a small room most of the day with these kids. Who knows how many of the kids are asymptomatic? When you go to target or shoprite there is an enormous amount of space. Classrooms don’t offer that.

How many kids have died from Covid under the age of 18 in NJ?

That would be 0% - lol

Fake disease - fake test's - fake world...fake - fake - the only thing not fake is we are living Nazi Germany say 1937 or 38 or 39. We need your papers to go into a yeesh. Your people are sheeple.

Enjoy your oppression - you deserve it!

Peace out

No doubt this is terrible for our kids. They are being robbed of education because the teachers can cause this rediciculous ruckus, yet the rest of the essential workers would be fired to refuse going to work because of there elderly family member, or someone they may infect with compromised immune system. There was no out for those essential workers. Yet the teachers can Rob our kids... Virtual learning is a mess, and should not of even been an option.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
3 weeks ago

It may not be a death sentence, as stated above. However, doctors are finding many, many people who are experiencing long-term after effects. Glaucoma, diabetes, heart problems, kidney damage, lung damage, nerve damage, blood abnormalities, mental fog, etc. They are just touching on the top of this iceberg studying what this virus is doing to our bodies. No one should think this is no big deal. Even the kids, who everyone thinks are immune, may end up having medical problems down the road.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

People are crazy. Just saying.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

All you disbelievers will only believe when someone you know contracts it? Don’t you want to live to fight for your rights? The man who died from it attending the Sturgis rally didn’t.

So, we are not robbing our kids. We are keeping them and their families and the teachers safe.

For reals For reals
3 weeks ago

Plus One Lonesome Dove . People are ignoring this even as the body count edges towards 200K in the country and is predicted to reach 400K in January . It looks more and more like a biological weapon super virus accidentally escaped a Chinese lab since they tried to keep it quiet . Who knows what future health problems may arise out of this ? The current administration has a lawsuit in November going before the Supreme Court to end the ACA . Not telling anyone to vote for one party or the other just look at the stakes involved and vote ! If you don't trust the mail - Warren County ballot drop boxes are listed on the link below with an expected 6 more on the way .


The five secure ballot drop boxes have been installed prior to the Primary Election and their locations are below. They are emptied once a day by an authorized election official. They are on constant video surveillance and it is a felony to tamper with them in any manner. We have been told we will be receiving 6 additional boxes to put throughout the County. Once we have their locations and they are installed we will list them here as well.

Belvidere Municipal Building - 691 Water Street, Belvidere, NJ 07823
Blairstown Municipal Building - 106 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825
Hackettstown Municipal Building - 215 Stiger Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Lopatcong Municipal Building - 232 South Third St., Morris Park, Lopatcong, NJ 08865
Washington Township Municipal Building - 211 Route 31 North, Washington, NJ 07882

The point is not to overload the hospitals, period. There are 3rd world countries today that are not treating other diseases because of COVID-19. Wake up, it is not a hoax.

While the initial illness may or may not be bad (depends on how severe your symptoms are) it is the post covid symptoms that are horrible, neurological disorders,liver damage, lung damage, congestive heart failure, brain fog etc. It is what happens to your body AFTER the virus has been contracted.
Honestly I would just do remote learning and would rather not have anyone unnecessarily exposed. We don't know who teachers need to take care of after they come home, they have families too and they don't wish to get sick either.

2 weeks ago

So at what point do the kids go back to school. When it’s eradicated? Won’t happen. When there is a vaccine? Realistically if it does happen it won’t be available until well into 2021 or longer. In my opinion it’s hear you stay and we need to accept it, take the precautions needed and return to the new norm.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

After the virus...
I can see classroom time reduced maybe, but not eliminated.
Court business transpires on line
Municipal meetings transpire on line
Retail is trending on line
College studies trending on line
Children’s socialization is a major function of the classroom experience-cannot be eliminated but can and should be reduced until this threat passes.
Why not skip the $800 phone and purchase a $375.
HP computer for your student?
This, too, shall pass.


Delete your account.

ConcernedParent123 ConcernedParent123
2 weeks ago

Covid or not, these students are suffering. Anxiety, depression and OCD. A therapist friend of mine works with kids and they are ALL having some sort of mental health crises. I'm not saying that every child should go back to school and Covid isn't real, but the fear in the hearts of the kids is. And this poor girl now will have more suicidal thoughts on top of what she already had because of what she will have to face when she returns to school in 2 weeks.

sunshine sunshine
2 weeks ago

@craftbeerbob: plus, one hundred! Acceptance is key as are precautions.

And yes, agree, Stymie, on a laptop over a phone.

For reals For reals
2 weeks ago

Mental health issues are real for the young whose emotions don't stabilize until about 28 years according to many experts. The suicide rate will skyrocket if isolation continues.

First of all, it’s not all sunshine, it may be all she sees, but not all. Second, what makes you think returning to school is a remedy, much leas the remedy?

Maybe returning to school in the midst of pandemic will cause more anxiety.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

RU - what a ridiculous post.

2 weeks ago

Let’s not bait RU, or rile his base. That’s what he wants.

For reals For reals
2 weeks ago

My daughter attends Mansfield. They are in school full time all day. Parents had the option of remote. In person classes can go remote at any time. No cap on virtual classes!!!.Remote has to stay that way for the trimester. The remote classes are Huge! From what I hear all teachers returned. Some teachers have to teach in person and virtual classes. The superintendent feels like this can be done!! No real communication. Talks in circles. BOE does whatever he says. So frustrating!

BusyBee10 BusyBee10
2 weeks ago

Why so frustrated? Sounds like you not only have freedom of choice, you have freedom to change — one way. Plus sounds like on prem pretty small which sounds safer to me. Better communications would always be nice but basic set up sounds pretty good imo.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

I’d be willing to compromise with the teachers. You can stay home as long as you want but will NOT be paid.

If someone who is qualified comes along for your job in the meantime, you have the option to return to work in, say, one week. If you do not return your (essential) job goes to someone who can perform their duties.

If this was the case, 99% of teachers would be back.

2 weeks ago

Teachers who work remotely are working consigliere! No ultimatum. And why the high abs mighty attitude

For reals For reals
2 weeks ago

That’s what they were doing in the spring because everyone was out of school. Now that some kids go in and some don’t, the teachers aren’t at home teaching the kids who are physically at school. Do you think the kids are sitting at their desks looking at a computer screen with a stream of the teacher at home?

And what high and mighty attitude? Teachers should be working like every other essential member of society. If not, then you don’t get paid.

As I previously mentioned, my entire argument is coming from the perspective of my sister’s school. There are a good number of teachers who decided to stay home. Those teachers are NOT instructing students who are physically at school and yet they are being paid and their jobs are not on the line. This is nonsense.

2 weeks ago

Welcome to the reality I have laid out for years. One thing to blame, Unions. Once a good thing but the pendulum has swung the other way leading to the reality distortion we are seeing now.

Mansfield is going back full day, yet they have to do virtual physical education. So, the kids are in the same classroom all day, but will still have to do physical ed at home. I can't imagine that being great for the younger kids and older kids don't even get recess.

Despite all those precautions, they will being eating together in the cafeteria with the entire grade level.

Surprised physical actual school started at all before any vaccine was available.Maybe those educators who opted out had a health reason or someone at home with a serious condition?More serious than a paint scratch on some overpriced German junkbox.

DeweyFoonduh DeweyFoonduh
2 weeks ago

What is Mansfield doing that the other schools can’t do? Offering full time in school to those who want it and remote to those who want it. Clearly a balance between precautions and acceptance and they are dealing with. I applaud them.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

I was wondering what are the school's plans for students and teachers who are quarantined because they either contracted covid-19 or were in contact with someone who has?

Obviously they are not doing in person classes, so I'm assuming they switch to online classes. I'm just wondering at the end of their quarantine are they going to be lost or behind or if the topics being taught is consistent between in-person and online?

How about when teachers are quarantined? Do they then switch to online teaching and who takes over their in-person classes?

I don't have any children in school and was thinking about this and we all know quarantines are going to continue to happen. It just seems like it's going to be disruptive to students, teachers and parents. I realize this is all new territory for everyone and we are all trying to navigate as best we can. My thoughts are with everyone and I wish all the students, teachers and parents a successful and safe school year.

I agree CraftBeerBob! Mansfield Elementary seems to have it figured out and I believe all teachers are returning. What can't Warren Hills return? Two 4 hours days hybrid is not many hours to be in school for the students or the teachers. I know the kids will be behind in school for the following year. Its on the parents to get tutors if needed to play catch up. And we have continued to work since March. I understand the risk of Covid but two 4 hours days is very limited to be in person at school. Now that may not even happen.

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