Man's body found on train tracks

Anyone hear about this? This is horrible.

The dead man was identified as 56 year old Francisco Figueroa of Hackettstown.

rest Francisco rest.

Sister Jane
3 weeks ago

Also.. Maybe next time don't out the deceased name before it's publicly released... Because maybe family and friends don't know?

Ser positivo Ser positivo
3 weeks ago

Ser positivo

I guess being actually mentioned in the article on WRNJ's website isn't publicly releasing it?

Hopefully the police will be able to figure out exactly what happened. I'm sure that all the Engineers that were working around the time he passed will have a rough go of it too. I hope his family finds peace and I feel badly for them.

This happened once before along the train tracks I think. It was a few years ago tgough

3 weeks ago

Confused, yes if my memory is correct, it was in the Saxton Falls area. It was ruled a suicide as the person just stepped in front of the train, nothing the Engineer could do to avoid it.
Hoping they let every one know what the cause of death was as I have friends who are NJ Transit Engineers and Conductors and would hope none of them were involved as I know it would upset them.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
3 weeks ago

Mr 4paws

I was recently watching this video on Youtube from KiwiRail, in New Zealand where they were putting scan codes on partial crosses at railroad intersections where people have had near misses. The PSA shows some close encounters and is trying to educate people about the dangers of crossing when the signals are on. It's a good way to get peoples attention. I know in your friends' cases, near misses take a tremendous toll to begin with. To actually find out that you'd struck and killed another human being has an exceptionally large impact, especially if you've seen them and can't do anything about it.

Most people know that the train stops just shy of that intersection when dropping off or picking up passengers. The gate comes down nonetheless, at least whenever I've seen it. The freights however, continue on, and that may be something that people aren't expecting. I don't know how much or even if they have to slow down while going through that intersection, but it could be a case of bad visibility and thinking that the train would be coming to a stop.

Speeds of a straight on or nearly straight on train are MUCH harder to judge than speeds from side to side. You have no idea of how close it is to you until it's too late.

where is the name mentioned in the media? I don't see a name in that linked article.

Also, it was stated it was not a train hit by the train that found him. (responding to several above posts)

Apologies - just saw the name! I'd read that article before and no name was mentioned.


The employees on the train that found him said that the train they were on didn't hit him, however...

"The NJT spokeswoman told RNJ that transit police are investigating the death as a possible train strike. But the spokeswoman said that there were no reports of an NJT train striking a person."

Norfolk Southern, the company that operates the freight trains that run through, also only said there were no "reports" of any train strike by any of their trains.

Until the investigation's done, they won't know for sure whether he was grazed by one (a train), or the air cushion from one pushed him into something else, or he was mugged or even had a heart attack or other emergency there. Of course, just because there were no "reports", doesn't mean that he definitely wasn't hit by a train either.

The people above only mentioned that another person had been found along the tracks years ago and what had been found to have happened to them, not stating that the same definitely happened to Mr. Figuroa.

Yes, correct - the NJ transit train did not hit him, so thankfully those employees did not suffer the trauma of hitting him (though I'm sure it was traumatic to find him)

Does the Norfolk-Southern run through there overnight?

They are also reporting no hit, but is it possible for a train to hit someone and be unaware?

The Freight Train that runs through Hackettstown ran Friday afternoon and again on Monday morning. They were held up Monday because of the body. No Freight trains ran over the weekend. I do not think the body was there since Friday. There was one NJT train before the 6 AM train, but pulling into the statin they go slow because they are stopping at the station. Rather than speculating, let the Authorities do their investigation and make the determination.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
3 weeks ago

A Freight Train comes through town Twice every day. Once going west in the am and back East in the afternoon.

3 weeks ago

Trained, My friend works for the Railroad that runs the freight train through town. They run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, normal Schedule. There are rare occasions where they might need to run on the other days. They follow the passenger train going East around 8:30 ish and then come back West when their work is complete and by permission of the Dispatcher for NJT. As I said earlier, on Friday the 28th they ran both ways coming back through Hackettstown West bound in the early afternoon. Monday morning when the body was discovered, they were held up near the Grand Ave culvert until given permission to move by NJT. They ran out of time on Monday to come back West in the afternoon and had to come back Tuesday morning to do their work in Washington.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
3 weeks ago

did they ever find out if he had injuries by getting hit, or was it something else?

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

Dude worked on bombs.

His face looked really familiar in the obituary and then reading that he was raised in Dover... I think he may have been a good friend of my ex's family because I could almost swear I remember him from both her Brother's and Mom's funerals.

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