Has anyone noticed all the vultures around Mitchell/ Arthur? I didn't see any roadkill. What's attracting them? It's like a scene from The Birds!

ornithophobia ornithophobia
4 weeks ago

Fish at the hatchery have always attracted the turkey vultures.

I've lived here for 4 years and this is the first time I've ever seen so many in one place.

ornithophobia ornithophobia
4 weeks ago

They escaped from a bird sanctuary in Scranton

Jim KIng
4 weeks ago

I saw a bunch this morning perched on the roof of the house on the bend that is under construction. Really neat to see.

They've been roosting at the one end of Mitchell for a couple of years now.

Keep your cats and dogs in your sight. Not alone in your yard.. I've heard they have swooped down and picked up and killed cats and other animals.

Hackresident Hackresident
4 weeks ago

Turkey Vultures do not typically eat live prey.

"Turkey vultures are the only scavenger birds that can't kill their prey. A close inspection of their feet reminds one of a chicken instead of a hawk or an eagle. Their feet are useless for ripping into prey, but the vultures have powerful beaks that can tear through even the toughest cow hide. They feed by thrusting their heads into the body cavities of rotting animals."

Of course there are other birds of prey in our area that hunt live animals.

They are black vultures not turkey vultures. 150 roost every night in the hatchery on the metal power tower by home depot. Never see them eating fish not sure what keeps them here.

3 weeks ago

Ah. Black vultures have been known to go for small live prey for sure. It sure looks neat to see them all sunning in one area.

They come out this time every year, I am waiting to see them on East Prospect, it's my reminder that Halloween is coming!

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
3 weeks ago

Lots of them around Arthur and Mitchell. They have been digging in the fish hatchery so possibly things have been unearthed that has attracted them

2 weeks ago

Black vultures are very social and they have strong family ties, which could be why the group is getting larger. They also gather in large numbers to outcompete Turkey Vultures for carrion. Because Turkey Vultures have a better sense of smell, Black Vultures will wait til the Turkey Vultures smell out a carcass and then they will fight them for it. They very rarely eat small live fish or live rodents. Pretty interesting stuff, they actually do a great service for the ecosystem.

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