Hackettstown Vet Clinic for birds?

Does anyone have experience with using Hackettstown Vet Clinic for their parrot? Thx

I have always heard that Dr. Cojacar at Hackettstown Animal Hospital has a lot of experience with birds. I copied his bio from their website.

"Dr. Alex Cojocar has been the owner of the Hackettstown Animal Hospital since 1980. He graduated with High Honors from Michigan State University in 1977 receiving his doctor of veterinary medicine degree as well as a B.S. in poultry science. As a small animal veterinarian, Dr. Cojocar especially enjoys working with exotic animals and birds. His expertise in internal medicine, surgery, and dentistry allow him to provide expert care to his patients. He has worked extensively with the Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ as well as several local rescue organizations.

Dr. Cojocar lives on a small horse and tree farm in Hope Township with his wife Deborah and daughter Lauren. They breed Morgan horses and have two cherished and spoiled English Setters and three rescued barn cats."

Dr. Cojocar at Hackettstown Animal Hospital he takes care of my yellow nape Amazon. When you make a Appointment it may be 2 weeks or so away since he is in high demand not only for birds but for cats and dogs as well

Superchefsgirl Superchefsgirl
August 7th

There's an exotic bird vet at Hodes Veterinary in Mine Hill as well.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
August 8th

I just wanted to say a word about my experience at Hackettstown Vet Clinic. I called on Saturday morning and they were able to give us Dr Cojacar’s first appt on Monday. They followed all the COVID protocols. The doctor called us while we waited in the car with his diagnosis. It wasn’t great but we were willing to fight since she had been in our lives for 35 years. She passed away last week after about 3 weeks of hand feeding and care. For all that time Dr Cojacar was always available to discuss treatment and care. We only took her in once but they were always there to help.
Today we received a nice sympathy card signed by all the doctors. Just wanted to say thanks. Obviously we would heartedly recommend them for your pet care.

I highly recommend Hackettstown Animal Hospital. My furry ones have been patients there since 1988. From kittens and puppies to growing up with them, from regular vaccinations to urinary tract infections and other incidentals to major ccl surgery. We've done it all. They are a great practice! While all the doctors and staff are great, my favorite has always been Dr. Cojocar. There's a reason he's a vet. He loves all animals. And yes he is very responsive by phone. Last year we lost are lovable kitty. The kindness and care they took then and after was most comforting.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
3 weeks ago

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