Black & White Kitten - West Baldwin Area

If anybody sees a black and white kitten, about seven or eight weeks old, in the area of West Baldwin and the surrounding streets please let me know. Mom was TNR. And two of her kittens were caught. There was a third that is black and white that has disappeared. There's a short window of time that, if caught, can be socialized and found a home.

Worried Worried
August 6th

Were you able to find the black and white kitten Worried? I searched up and down W Baldwin this afternoon but no luck.

I did the same thing late yesterday. What area of West Baldwin should we be looking?

Someone found a black and white kitten in PV but I can't imagine it could be the same one

4catmom 4catmom
August 8th

I'm just seeing the replies now. No luck finding the black & white kitten.....not sure of the house # but it's the section of the street farthest from Main St if that helps.

worried worried
August 9th

I hope you find the kitten

Hackettstown Fan Hackettstown Fan
August 10th

thank you all for searching the area! Very kind of you.

There was a black & white approx 10-12 week old kitten found injured in Panther Valley?

Weebiekins Weebiekins
August 11th

A kitten would never travel that far. And the kitten I am looking for is definitely younger.....more like 7 or 8 weeks.

No it wouldn't travel that far, but recently a neighborhood indoor/outdoor cat was relocated (dumped) in Allamuchy by someone who did not want it in their perfectly manicured yard claiming they thought it was a stray. So given it was not far from the area where you are looking there was a thought it could have met the same fate. Plus the kittens age of 10 - 12 wks was an approx by the people who found it. Figured it was worth a shot. Oh well.

Weebiekins Weebiekins
August 11th

Very nice of you to try to make a connection, Weebiekins. You never know how lost animals/pets sometimes end up where they do. Fingers crossed that both kittens find their way to or back to loving homes meant just for them.

Please contact PAL they found a black and white kitten 10-12 weeks old that was hit by a car- they named the kitten Lucky. They paid for a surgery and that cat is doing better. This was also posted on Hackettstown Life.

cat lover cat lover
August 13th

Searched W. Baldwin and surrounding area today but no luck finding the black and white kitten. I didn't go beyond the paved end of W. Baldwin because there is a no trespassing sign that states private property. I also searched up to the far end of W. Valley View and along Patricia and Canal Way. Spoke with a few nice folks in the area inquiring if they had seen the kitten but none had. Very nice folks and I'm grateful for their compassion.

Re: Black & White Kitten - West Baldwin Area

UPDATE: kitten was found by homeowner. She is very sweet and she and her brothers will be available for adoption thru Pet Adoption League soon.

Great news worried! Thank you for the update.

Great news

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