Cinder block chimney repair - contractor recommendations needed

Hi all - my chimney took a hit during yesterday's storm. It started to separate from the house. Looks like the only thing holding upright is the metal flashing on the roof. The chimney is on the exterior gable end of the house so it's all outside. It should just have a metal flue pipe inside since I only have a gas stove inside the house.

Looking for recommendations for contractors. The last thread with recommendations was from 2017 and had these.

Mark Schumann / Adirondack Chimney
908 - 387 - 1171

Assurance Chimney Company in Lake Hopatcong.

emaxxman emaxxman
August 5th

Certified Chimney Contractors 3122 State Route 10 Denville NJ 07834. (973) 361-1783
I used them for the same problem except it was a large brick fireplace chimney. Great people excellent job, would highly recommend. Just know that if they have to disassemble the chimney, it's not a cheap job.

Just opened up money mailer coupon pack, there are 4 chimney repair companies advertising this month. Let me know if you want the coupons.

Up On the Roof

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
August 6th

Thanks everyone. I'll check my mailer pack.

I called Rob Scalera and Nick Bencivengo (sp?) Rob came out yesterday and Nick will be by tomorrow.

Hoping this will get fixed quick. It's a complete rebuild and I don't expect it to be cheap but insurance should pay for all of it (minus the deductible.)

emaxxman emaxxman
August 6th

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Re: Cinder block chimney repair - contractor recommendations needed
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