Lost wallet @ Walmart 8/2

Lost wallet at Walmart on Sunday afternoon August 2nd. Approximately 4:30 pm. Hopefully someone found it and would return.

Thank you.

I assume you called them as soon you realized that; or you chances drop to a nil.

Follow up with them as Employers & Managers have different shifts saying whoever you spoke to takes a day or 2 before your 'lost items' situation escalates to a notice to others working their (ie: sweeping/cleaning crew, etc.)

Just words from the wise, many years ago when I lost mine I read an article that you should make a copy of all cards, passport, driver's license, etc. [even other important items in your wallet plus bank acct#s, insurance policies, etc.] in case you get robbed, fire, stolen, taken from luggage/hotels, lose it again, etc --- In a vault, or metal box, etc., as it will make it much easier/faster to recover, while remember and feel better to get all those items back.

Hope you get it back or new versions of those items soon.

aol123@aol.com aol123@aol.com
August 3rd

great idea Aol123

Wallet with everything in it was found by Security and we have been reunited.

Great news!

What a relief!

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
August 4th

Wonderful! I don't know you, but I'mm so Happy for you!

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
August 4th

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Re: Lost wallet @ Walmart 8/2
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