Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

I have seen only 1 Monarch Butterfly . Is anyone seeing any? Hackettstown

toni torchia toni torchia
July 30th

One yesterday, two other times last week. I know my butterfly weed was affected by the early frost followed by the heat. It bloomed and has pretty well completely faded by now.

I haven't seen as many butterflies this year of other types too. Just doesn't seem to be an active year for them.

I've seen a single monarch on three separate occasions in my backyard so far this
summer. Could just be the same individual. Seems to like the cleome and wild this-
the blossoms there. In a sunny field beyond the house (out of view) I've encouraged
milkweed and butterfly weed to spread. Those are the plants that are their offspring's
(larval stage's) food source and where individuals attach themselves to form a beautiful
jade-colored chrysalis in which the caterpillar metamorphoses into the adult butterfly.
Looking forward to finding caterpillars feeding and chrysalises forming in the next few
weeks. We're up on Schooley's Mountain. To your point, there do seem to be fewer
monarch butterflies about this summer, which is very disheartening.

Chris S. Chris S.
July 30th

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

I had this butterfly hanging out recently.

Hopeful Hopeful
July 30th

Have missed seeing the butterflies as much this year too. Butterflies are one of my very favorite things. Any color....any size...Love them all!!

joyful joyful
July 30th

I am wondering the same thing. I have 2 beautiful butterfly bushes and I have had 1 monarch butterfly. Last year I was loaded with them.

What about hummingbirds? I have a feeder and flowers that they like, but only one showed up as far as I know.

Positive Positive
July 30th

I've had a dozen or more humming birds. One didn't seem to notice me at first and was hovering two feet away. Then it seemed like it was frozen before slowly moving from tight quarters.

I've had a couple of humming bird moths too.

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

The hummingbirds are abundant over at my place. We had to help one out who was probably too young to be out of the nest. Eye dropper first then presented the feeder for her. We were about to take her Raptor Trust but then she took off. Took her about a week to get it together and use the feeder. She would take off for a few hours then return to the same spot.
We named her Lorelei and we all got to pet her at some point. So incredibly soft.

Blackcat Blackcat
July 30th

Yes, I have them I’ve seen 4 at a time. I think it’s because my hubby won’t let me pull out the milkweed and they like that.

auntiel auntiel
July 30th

Yes auntiel, milkweed is the main food source for monarch caterpillars. Don't get rid of it, milkweed is essential for monarch butterfly growth. I've seen a few swallowtails at my butterfly bush so far this summer.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
July 31st

I've had them on my patio tomato plants....also have eggplant + cukes right next to tomato. I guess they like my veggies!

SS2cats SS2cats
July 31st

Happily saw a couple - one at a time on the feeder - I suspect there's a nest and some kids nearby

4catmom 4catmom
July 31st

I noticed that there is virtually no wild "butterfly bushes" and also know that the milkweed plant recently had a blight as well:

Monarchs rely on these two plants to make energy for their journey South during migration.

SO< If you want to see Monarchs let's all make an effort to plant both types of plants in our backyard!

Thanks folks for the replies... It seems like, sounds like the Monarch
butterflies are now on the Extinction list by Monarch Watch in Delaware. bu
There is a map that showed them on way from Mexico back in April. THey
landed in NJ in July, but I fear they did NOT come in big numbers. Try
to keep an eye on your caterpillars, please. Birds will eat them. I raised
15 last year in two fish tanks with a screen on top...they must leave mid sept.

toni torchia toni torchia
August 2nd

I’ve only seen 1 Monarch and just a few Swallowtails.

Blackcat Blackcat
August 2nd

Thanks for the tip, Toni. I saw 1 caterpillar on my milkweed and the next day it was gone. I fear a bird got it. It is sad that I can count on 2 hands the number of butterflies I've seen thus far this season.

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

Saw this one last week in my yard in Lebanon Twp.

We have a pair of tiger swallowtails, who occasionally get in fights with our hummingbirds over flowers, but no monarchs.

I had a monarch visit my zinnias the other day. I've had the tiger swallowtails and black swallowtails visit them pretty regularly lately. We had one or two hummingbirds by also, but they don't seem to be regulars at our humming bird feeder.

Htown Gal
August 3rd

Working from home - in my back yard patio, spotted 2 tiger swallowtails in my Rose of sharon tree - and lots of humming birds this year.

HtownNewbie HtownNewbie
August 4th

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

For butterfly bushes that survived the several freezes/frosts of late April/early May, I’ve noticed they have been packed with butterflies and hummingbirds. I have a small hedge of butterfly bushes and at any time there are 3-6 butterflies throughout the day. Over the weekend I noticed 6 yellow swallowtails, 2 black swallowtails, and two monarchs, along with two hummingbirds and a hummingbird moth.

Backyard Enthusiast Backyard Enthusiast
August 5th

I just spotted 6 butterflies on my butterfly bush:)

Blackcat Blackcat
August 5th

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

I’ve see a few monarchs and many red-spotted admirals, red spotted purples, swallowtails in yellow and black and painted ladies. Here’s a pic of the painted lady—->

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
August 5th

I have four large butterfly bushes and yesterday had over 25 butterflies at one time! Only a couple of Monarchs, but lots of eastern tiger and black swallow tails.

I haven't seen many butterflies of any species this year.

htownguy htownguy
August 7th

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

Found this in my garden today !

Htownnewbie Htownnewbie
August 7th

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

And a Monarch this morning!

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
August 8th

we've seen a lot of swallow tails and the black ones.

somechick1 somechick1
August 10th

I've been seeing a lot more since my Joe Pye Weed and Ligularia is in bloom.

I was just walking my dog at Florence Kuipers Park and they were all over the wildflowers just past the train bridge. The path at waterloo next to the water also always has a lot of butterflies in the wildflowers there too.

August 11th

Yes we have 2 butterfly bushes and they are very active this year! About 4 on them at a time. They are beautiful!

There is a field at Schooley's mtn park, over the bridge opposite the swim area, that had more butterflies than I've ever seen at one time. They mow a path through the field, so easy to walk through and view them. If you park off of Camp Washington rd you'll be right there.

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

My butterfly weed has a little bit that is coming around for a second blooming. Today that drew in a visitor splitting time between the butterfly weed and the neighbor's butterfly bush.

I saw one yesterday and said wow I haven’t one in almost year. So beautiful

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

Spotted this one yesterday morning.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
August 18th

I've seen very few - maybe 5-6


You could have taken that right next to my mailbox! Same flowers and Monarchs visiting fairly often!

Yup, right next to the Spotted Lanternfly. Damn that thing is huge when it flies.

dodgebaaall dodgebaaall
August 19th

Re: Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

The monarch I saw last seems to have left something behind. Three of them to be specific.

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