Handheld UVC sanitizer


I searched the Forum and I did not find anything. I am interested in buying one of those handheld sanitizer thar use some sort of UV or UVC light. Are they reliable or how reliable are they? Anyone using it and perhpas may recommend something?

I am also thinking of using this to sanitize soccer balls now that fall soccer is coming and we are so far playing. As a volunteer coach I need to make sure I do my due diligence to protect the team.

I am also interested on handheld thermometer that you poupint towards the forehead. Any good recommendation as well. I hope these two items are not that expensive. I am already cheking out Amazon and other online sites, but not sure what is/are good and reliable.

Thank you so much for your help!

SoccerMomof2 SoccerMomof2
July 29th

The handheld models are often very inexpensive and the equivalent of a flashlight. They may or may not even produce the right kind of light, it's not likely to be strong enough, and hand held isn't the general method.

UV-C tries to destroy DNA, it needs enough exposure of at least 15-20 mins to work. A handheld unit doesn't do that. The ones that work are usually a box, and not one with one of the flashlights from a handheld unit. The box helps so you don't get exposed either. There are boxes meant to disinfect cell phones, they're over $100. A soccer ball you would need something equivalent to an autoclave from a lab supply. They're more like $750.

Compare that to some Lysol wipes that will take 30 seconds to wipe down the ball. It's not worth it.

for soccer balls, a spackle bucket with a diluted bleach solution might be the most efficient method (if you can find bleach somewhere)

ianimal ianimal
July 30th

Very effective disinfectant ianimal. Not very good for the ball though. They usually say only very mild detergents like dish detergent.

Palmolive so you don't get soccer ball hands, ianimal. ;-)

Thanks everyone! I had a feeling it is not as effective as they sound at least the handheld/wand thats being sold out there. Agree, most likely I will just spend time cleaning them with soap and water.

I appreciate the responses! Take care and stay safe!

SoccerMomof2 SoccerMomof2
July 31st

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