Independence Township Budget

Does anyone know if Independence Township adopted a budget for 2020. I received an estimated tax bill, the quarterly amount due on August 1st, but it was much higher than I expected it to be. I am wondering how they arrived at the amount if the local and county budgets haven't been passed yet, which would provide us with a tax rate.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

I would give Anna Maria McDougal a call. I guarantee she has the answer.

every town had to pass a budget by now. Independence's 2020 budget is up on their website.

The issue is with state and schools budgets are being updated so a final tax rate for the towns are being delayed. But yea I would expect taxes to be higher due to covid.

How much of an increase did you see?

My increase works out to about $450/year. We should get a refund of school taxes paid since the schools are not being used. As if a refund would ever happen. LOL

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

Do NOT call the tax assessor -she does not handle your taxes - call the tax COLLECTOR. She works on setting the estimated tax rate.

The assessor sets the tax rate; the collector collects the taxes.

The school buildings are being less used, that is true. But, the teachers are still teaching remotely and do get paid for that. School taxes are a bit much, but we will def never get any refund. I know you spoke in jest, but under they are doing work getting ready for this year, and now the extra costs for PPE. Be happy if they dont RAISE your school tax!

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
3 weeks ago

The budget is usually posted on the independence township website

Looks like an estimated $400+ increase, based on the quarterly estimated bill. My increases over the past 6 years has never been more than a couple hundred, so I thought $400.00 was a bit high as an estimation.
Actually the County establishes the tax rate for each municipality. After all the budgets for the municipalities & school districts, together with the County budget, County library budget (if it applies), & County Open Space budgets are passed, then the County calculates the rates for each based on the total assessed valuation of your town, etc. Fairly complicated. Neither the local tax assessor nor tax collector is responsible for coming up with the rate.
I wasn't sure if deadlines for passing budgets had been extended due to COVID. That was why I asked if anyone knew. Tax bills are usually mailed out in late June/early July, but since the State probably hasn't determined how much State Aid is going to each school district yet, the bills probably won't be going out for a while.
Guess I answered my own question.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

As a reminder: the Homestead Benefit (rebate) program has been suspended, "As a result, any credits intended to be applied to the May 1st property tax bills can no longer be supported by the State at this time. "

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

Yup. And my Senior Freeze funds are gone too.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

I hope (if) the Senior Freeze gets reinstated next year it does not affect the base rate we started at.

happiest girl
3 weeks ago

Lonesome Dove, what do you mean the senior tax freeze funds are gone? I was expecting to receive mine. Are they gone forever or is it a temporary problem? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
3 weeks ago

Google it. It’s a delay due to covid tax delays; check again in October.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

Note: The unprecedented impact COVID-19 has had on the economy has forced the state to freeze funding for many worthy programs, including Senior Freeze, and prompted the extension of the budget deadline from June 30 to September 30. Therefore, funding for Senior Freeze reimbursements that typically occur during mid-summer is unavailable at this time. Please check back here again in early October for possible updates.

The above is from the NJ taxation page , link for the full article is below . Looks like they are saying it could be reinstated in the fall , but once something like this is gone it's usually gone for good .

I read that the Homestead funding & the Senior Freeze funding was not included in the stop-gap budget that was passed in Trenton a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if that refers to the 2020 applications. I'm just bracing myself that my Senior Freeze check will not be arriving this month as it usually does. I realize that the State will be having very serious revenue shortfalls because of all the people not working, so I'm not really surprised about this development.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

NJ is Fu$@ed. Open your wallets because the state politicians will have you pay the way out of their problems.

Senior freeze but monies for public workers overcompensation continue. Good to know who runs the show. Might need to get AARP to be more influential in NJ. Plus the state has opened up a 10 Billion dollar credit line to cover revenue shortages. Enough is enough, control your spending please...

don't feed the troll.

Jim KIng
3 weeks ago

Seniors can work. Shop Rite is hiring.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
3 weeks ago

Murphy taking out a ten billion loan to pay the government workers (he lists other reasons) but cancels the tax Homestead program and the Senior Freeze funding. It is with this benefit that helps, so we can pay our tax's to the state.

Our governor really thinks issues out !!!! (sarcasm) He is definitely out for just himself.

So you take money from the state (Senior Funding) then give the money back to the state ("paying" your taxes).

Must be nice. That's some real funny math right there!

dodgebaal dodgebaal
3 weeks ago

Jim, who is gar troll -- you? I am criticizing some basic budget problems Murphy is getting us into because he wants votes for whatever is next for him (another term or Presidency?). Kicking the can down the road at some point ends in disaster.

Folks,you have got to understand that are state is BROKE!. WE are in hock above our ears! The PTR and Homestead rebate are gone forever! Welcome to tax hell,vote accordingly.

The homestead rebate for seniors is a way to keep them in the state. They don't generally have school age kids so it benefits towns. Now, just another reason for seniors to GTFOOH...

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