Yellow jackets in AC, help!

We have a built in ac unit (we are renters this is not our house) and it seems as though yellow jackets have made it their home this summer. We have been increasingly seeing them go in and out but we can’t tell exactly where they are going, if they are going into the actual unit, into the insulation that surrounds it, or into the wall somehow. The unit is right by our main entrance into the house so I’m really getting paranoid about it.

Has anyone else had similar issues and if so what was the best route to get rid of them? We’re thinking of spraying obviously but not really knowing where exactly they’re going to is an issue and also will it mean we can use the ac for a bit due to chemicals?

Or is a exterminator our best bet?

I would get an exterminator. That sounds like a bigger problem than just spraying them. It’s also safer letting someone who knows what they’re doing get rid of them. The chemicals may hurt the ac unit or if you spray wrong, it could cause the chemicals to get pushed into your home when you have the ac one.

3 weeks ago

If you rent I would get the landlord to get an exterminator. Yellow jackets can potentially nest inside the walls, sheetrock is very nice material for them.

Isn't that the landlord's responsibility? I would call them first.

Just Asking
3 weeks ago

I am a landlord........that is something that I would address, not the tenant.

Would want to make sure that it is done properly and safely.

And the sooner, the GC that they don't get in between the walls, etc. Could become a real mess and costly if not taken care of.

you can just set a fogger like the ones for ants and leave the house for awhile
(naturally take pets and people with you, lol)
we had bees in our soffits and could not get to them - worked like a charm!
We did have to bomb twice though to get the strays :)
PS Put a cover around the AC and tie it so the air stays contained with a small opening left to insert the can!

This is the best one and it has a odor neutralizer:

Joni Sattely Joni Sattely
3 weeks ago

Thanks for posting. Saw a few wearing navy jackets at the casino in Bethlehem last weekend. Anyone go to Mohegan Sun? Is it open?

By the way, being my nemesis more than I'd like over the years, it may help to know that Yellowjackets are a member of the Wasp family. I hope you let the landlord know so they could get the proper individual over there to take care of the issue. They can be a force to be reckoned with, as they don't usually lose their stinger after the first sting, can sting repeatedly and can bite at the same time or hold onto you with their jaws whilst repeatedly stinging you. Yeah, not fun, and I've run into more than my share of them, once requiring a trip to the hospital after a number of stings to the hand.


Cut a hole in a plastic water bottle making a downward slit. Put some beer in the bottom of the bottle and hang right next to A/C.

Change every day or day and a half.

Thanks for the tips all!

Hank- think there’s some red jackets over at the Mohegan sun, only betting on red.

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